Thanksgiving, St. Dominic & Qur'an Burning

St. Dominic & Qur'an Burning
I was at my favorite bookstore the other day and stumbled across a book, which I ended up buying, called "Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors" by James Reston, Jr.  It is a very interesting book about Columbus, the Inquisition and the Defeat of the Moors (Spanish Muslims).  Something of note was the reference to "St. Dominic Presiding Over Qur'an Burning" between page 124-125.  The premise of this book is based on the above mentioned events happening in the year 1492, which was the  destruction of the Islamic Caliphate of Spain and the barbaric Inquisition that followed, which resulted in Columbus getting a grant from the Queen of Spain to come to the Americas.  This of course resulted in the take over of North America and later the founding of the USA.  In a strange way, you could say without Islamic Spain's technology which Europe obtained, they would not have been able to overthrow the Spanish Muslims and would not have been able to find America.

Catholic Inquisition & Muslim Beheading
It appears that radical Christianity, just like it's new radical evangelical counter part today, has done similar things out of fear.  Calling people "heretics" and "heathens" was common practice at one time, however the new American Theocrats are trying to launch a new Inquisition at the expense of the USA.  The USA was founded on the principles of Freemasonry which is heavy tied in with Islamic beliefs after the Crusades.  One of the unique features of Islam, Freemasonry, and America is the idea of "Multiculturalism".  This one single word is like a nightmare to those who wish to have a single superior race and religion.

If it was not for the fall of Islamic Spain...America may have remained in the hands of Native Americans.  This Crusade of "Manifest Destiny" started much earlier than Columbus coming to America.  It started when the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castille launched a "Holy War" or "Crusade" against the Caliphate of Spain or "Al-Andalus" (Andalusia).

The Inquisition was a way for the Catholic Church at the time to wipe out all other beliefs under the term of "heresy".  This of course included Jews, Muslims, Freemasons, Scientists, etc.  Under the guise of "purification", all other beliefs were literally put to the sword.  The destruction of Islamic Spain which housed people of all faiths living side by side was a big loss for the old world.  However, that Islamic knowledge, science, and spirit passed on to the new world when Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock.  Even though the Spanish had conquered the Islamic Caliphate of Spain, they could not help but learn it's technology...which was what led to the downfall of it's host.  You can see this same kind of trend in the reverse direction these days with former "third world" countries obtaining technologies that have resulted in the economic destruction of the west.  Some examples that come to mind are China and India just to name a couple.

History has a way of repeating itself when people least expect it, most likely due to people forgetting about history and thinking that it's not important.  For example, before the downfall of the Spanish Caliphate, many radical Christian monks would go on suicide missions in order to harass and attack the Caliphate.  No different than what Al-Qaeda is doing in the world.  In a way the USA is the new Islamic Caliphate of experiment which was successful then and has been successful until now.

The question is that are we going to help this experiment continue, or are we going to allow theocrats to introduce a new Inquisition?  Who knows, maybe we will found a colony on the moon this time?  Hopefully not at the expense of America and it's multicultural ideology.

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