Muslims & The FBI: What Went Wrong?

Just ran across this excellent insightful article regarding "what went wrong" between the relationship of the American Muslim Community and the FBI.  The FBI is probably one of the most ethical and non-bias organizations or agencies in the USA in comparison to any other branch or agency.  They are the ones that will investigate anybody and everybody from high government level to low immigrant level.  They are a much needed agency in todays world, however it appears that they lack the proper analysis based on sound intelligence.  Here is an excerpt from the article I was mentioning that puts things into perspective:

"A 2010 joint study by Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy and the University of North Carolina identified the positive impact of America's mosques on tamping down tendencies for impressionable young Muslims to become radicalized. The Irvine story provides an affirming data point for this analysis and demonstrates a poverty of intelligence at the FBI. The agency failed to engage the Muslim community through its mosques to better leverage their leaders to continue the good work. Instead, not only is there a concerted effort at furtive infiltration but also a driving away of the very leaders that might have proved a valuable asset in the authorities' much-needed efforts to prevent homegrown terrorism."

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