Jared Lee Loughner: Tea Party Inspired Sudden Crusade Syndrome Shooter of Jewish Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

American Jewish Democrat
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
Tea Party Inspired...Do you think it's a coincidence that his favorite book is Adolf Hitler's Fascist Manifesto called "Meine Kampf"?...Considering that Congresswoman Gifford is a vocal American Jewish Democrat?  He does not have to be part of the party. Just like people who follow the traitor Anwar Al-Awlaki or are inspired by his writings to do "Qital" or what is called "Violent Jihad" by the extreme right. Another favorite book of the young Tea Party inspired Terrorist (Jared Lee Loughner) is Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", which happens to be the favorite book of the #1 Islamophobe in the USA by the name of Pamela Geller Oshry, who runs a website blog called "Atlas Shrugs".  

I support the federal government over states rights, because states can lean towards local racial/religious bias and infringe on civil rights. I have seen the results of lawlessness and Tea Party style of Theocratic rhetoric in other countries both in the recent past and historically. Just like what is going on in Pakistan. The Taliban there are just like the Tea Party here. 

If I wanted to live in a chaotic theocracy, I would move to some place in the Middle East. If I wanted to be a National Socialist, I would go to Europe. The first people to be hurt are Women and Minorities when it comes to fascists. That is the right wing fascist ideal. Mein Kampf (my struggle) is basically the Tea Party manifesto. National Socialism is not Socialism or Communism it is pure fascism and Darwinist materialism. Communism is extreme Socialism, which is on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to Darwinist materialism. 

The Democrats are not Socialists; they are Capitalists with certain social programs such as the Police, Fire Department, Social Security, Public Schools, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc... Infact, Islam is similar in the sense that it teaches that socialism and capitalism should be in balance. 

The Extreme Right (Fascism) and Extreme Left (Communism) is not what the Democratic Party is about. The Republican Party has different factions; the faction that leans towards the Tea Party is fascist/right wing. It is predominately one race and religion. Those of other races/religions that support them are kind of like a form of 'uncle toms'. The ranting of this youth (Jared Lee Loughner) about people not speaking proper English is most telling and likely referring to the state of Arizona that has a high immigrant population from Mexico. If anybody, I would blame Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for his behavior. They have set the example for him to follow. 

Analytical methodology of complex socio-economic circumstances is something I specialize in. The congresswoman and the federal judge were the second victims on the list of 'targets' that Sarah Palin the figurehead of the Tea Party had announced on her website. The first victims were the people at the school board shooting by the guy whose wife was fired. (Technically Tim McVeigh could be the first)

Also, I am not a hypocrite...there are Muslim Terrorists (Al-Qaeda/Taliban/Jundullah/Sipah-e-Sahabah) as there are Christian Terrorists. In this case it was an Atheist Terrorist with extremist right wing fascist and left wing communist ideology. (Capitalism and Socialism are left and right of center, not extreme) 

Fascism does not have a faith; however it cares about a single race theory that is superior to those who are not of that particular race. It teaches that all the money should be in the hands of the superior race. This is the same reason why Anti-Islamic and Anti-Religion Iranian Monarchists in California are mostly Republicans and not Democrats. Infact, I have seen many of them that support the Tea Party because they are all ultra-wealthy and believe that the rich Aryans (Iranians) should be in power in Iran and put down the "lizard and locust eating Arabs and their Shia Muslim spawn". 

The Iranian Secular Nazi Party called the "Hezbesumka" or just "SUMKA" still exists and has gained followers in a pan-Iranian anti-zoroastrian/muslim/jewish/christian movement. Apparently they believe that Iranians should go back to Pre-Zoroastrian Paganism similar to the religions worshipped by the Iranian Sarmatians and Scythians before the coming of the Prophet Zoroaster. There is a similar movement in Turkey that is pan-turanian. 

During bad economic times the minority races, religions, lifestyles, and gender are attacked. Communism teaches that there is "no" individual and that no matter how much work you do, everybody get's the same. For a person as confused as this youth who did not know why he was a fascist when he most likely was economically a communist it is telling of how poor people are duped into being part of a right wing movement that supports only the rich. Poor people or even Middle Class people would be more in control of the government and the "government of the people for the people" if they were Democrats these days. 

Extremist Republicans and Tea Partiers represent big private business that only benefits the top echelons and actually create a situation where the people have no say in which country is invaded, because the interests of the mega corporations are more important than that of the people. I would much rather has the central government that relies on the popularity of the people vs. the mega corporations with their own constitutions to rule me. 

Currently so many aspects of the federal government are being contracted out to private corporations that it is scary...that was put into play by republicans. Privatization of Prisons, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, etc. is dangerous and treasonous in my opinion, because for the right amount of money the private corporations can be bought by foreign powers. Just imagine a time where the USA can't pay Blackwater and China pays them to enslave the USA.

Without immigration to this country, we will have a brain drain worse than what exists in other third world countries. We need immigrants with new ideas and education...Einstein was a German Jew...he made us a Nuclear Superpower. Vote for Tea Party insurrectionists...never.

If there is anybody that thinks the comments of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others don't have a negative effect on violence...then let's study this:

Tea Party - CAUSE...

Sarah Palin's Speech on pulling over Subaru's with Obama bumper stickers:  


Tea Party - EFFECT...

Teabagger Tries To Kill Man With Obama Bumper Sticker: 



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