Neo-Turcopoles: Muslims in the service of extremist right wing "Crusaders"

Lately I have seen among the American Muslim community a new form of Muslim, which I would use the term "Neo-Turcopole" that would be complimentary to the "Neo-Cons" and the Tea Party.  The Neo-Turcopoles are Muslims who support the "Crusaders" of the extremist right wing and approve of their tactics and ideologies, because they want a piece of the pie of the multi-billion dollar Islamophobia Industry.

The multi-billion dollar Islamophobia Industry is the biggest factor in the lack of progress with the Islamic world in regards to decreasing radicalization and anti-Americanism.  Infact, the multi-billion dollar industry of Islamophobia has produced more radicals than ever.

It is a dis-service to American law enforcement and intelligence community to have Neo-Turcopoles putting out disinformation, because they do not have a truthful intent in what they are doing.  They wish to achieve high status and gain money during these hard economic times by piggybacking on the hatemongering of the extremist right wing multi-billion dollar business of Islamophobia.

If anything, the psychological "profile" of a radical would be somebody who would support other radicals such as the extremist right wing in America.  I trust that the US Federal Government has intelligent people who would be able to tell the difference between correct and incorrect information, however many of these opportunist groups make a good effort of trying to make people believe into the lies in order to get their piece of the pie.

I pray that people of all faiths in the United States will stay united and help each other out in this time of economic woes and opportunists.  Over simplification of the faith of 1.5 billion people can lead to things such as "The Holocaust" and is dangerous.

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