A Prince of Persia: Prince Ali Reza's Suicide Death

As sad as this is and I feel for his mother who has lost a husband, daughter and son now, it only goes to confirm that these people could never be my leaders,  I am an Iranian-American Muslim Democrat and not a monarchist, however if I was a monarchist I would want a king or prince that would die fighting, not by going the suicide route.  Unless, he sees himself as a Zen/Shinto practicing Samurai comitting Sepukku, which in that culture it is the honorable way to go if you have 'failed'.

Iranian Pre-Islamic tradition dictates that a king or prince must be worthy of his crown.  However, weakness and suicide are not considered worthy of a king or prince.  If Iran had a real king or prince that had the heart to fight for what he believed in, then that gains both the respect of his friends and foes.  The closest would be his eldest brother the crown prince, however he does not want to be a king and promotes democracy.

When somebody stands on the sidelines and says everything is bad, then there is no honor in that.   People want a leader not a cheerleader.  I have been reading on the internet where the term 'martyr' or 'hero' has been used to describe the late prince, however it is completely wrong.  How is a person who commits suicide a 'martyr' or 'hero'?  Isn't that what the terrorists say? A real martyr or hero dies fighting (ie. Prophet Jesus who stood against the Romans and Pharisees; Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad who sacrificed himself in battle against an oppressor), not by killing themselves. 

I would have to say he took the easy way out like his sister (both with lots of money, time, and drugs).  We have all suffered due to revolutions, war, and economic issues...however the strong keep fighting, especially those 'destined' for kingship.  I would never give my loyalty to any kind of dictator.  I respect religious values, which keep me strong and keep me from ever thinking of suicide.  This is why I choose to live in the USA and love America...we are free, but respect religious values.  Sure we have right wing nut cases, but they are on the fringe and not the majority.  This is not true of places like Athiest centric France or other European countries.  We may watch tons of violence on TV, but you will never see naked people on regular American TV.

Iran can never be a monarchy ever again, it needs to be a democracy where everybody has rights, including Muslims, Bahais, Christians, Jews etc. See, the problem with Iran and many countries in that region has always been self importance, tribalism, and lack of respect for other peoples beliefs.  For example, I am an Iranian-American Muslim Democrat, however I have no problem with a Gay or Lesbian American practicing their rights, because the the laws that give them rights, also give me the right to be a Muslim and an American...who comes from an Iranian heritage.  One of the laws in the USA is that once you become an American Citizen, you can not be a King, Prince, etc.

You may ask why these kind of people are driven to suicide, well the answer is easy...because in many eastern cultures that are 'shame based' culture that don't rely on religion, the person feels they can never be what their peers expect of them, so they end up taking their own lives (Darwinistic Materialism).  For example, there are many cases of secular Iranian youth taking their lives when they find out they don't have the intelligence to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.  However, people who have faith...be it Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc.  They are not so easily enticed by suicide for failure.  They instead move forward with faith.


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