Government Bashing & Corporate Police State

Government Bashing & Corporate Police State Brought Forth By The Right Wing Businesses & Media

The corporate media message is to just keep bashing our government while worshiping laissez-faire capitalism.

Brainwash the masses into helping the Corporatists damage our government to the point where it is unrecognizable and no longer representative democracy.

Confuse the masses with the notion that capitalism is a system of government until every public service is in private hands at 4 times the cost, including our prisons, police, fire department, military and intelligence services.  (Of course, you can hire people from different countries who are not citizens to work in these corporate positions, hence the loss of sovereignty of the USA.)   

Many of our nation's citizens are dumbed down by the idiot box (TV).  (Critical thinking skills were never learned.) This is why it is so easy to escape goat Muslims "Shariah", Democrats, Hispanics, Blacks, and other minorities for all the ills of our society (like in Pre-WWII Germany).  

We are being robbed while ushering in a corporate controlled police state.  Is there any hope for America?

Yes...protect your government against those who wish to privatize it and destroy it from within (Republican big business interests)!  They talk about reducing taxes, but instead create problems where all the existing tax money goes to Republican owned businesses and their overseas allies like China.  In addition to this un-American agenda there is religious theocratic fanaticism involved that needs to be put in check before the Constitution is altered to destroy religious freedom.  

The best way for our country to progress is with a Democratic Centrist Federalist approach where there is a balance between states rights and the federal government in addition to a balance between corporations and the government.   We can't allow our country to literally be sold out to businesses and call government workers "socialists"!


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