James O'Keefe: Did Hitler have a son?

Apparently Adolf Hitler has a "spiritual" son to create new racism and hatred and lead a nation of Tea Partiers (TP Brownshirts) to victory against the dirty and evil Liberals, Muslims, Blacks, and Latinos which he blames for all the ills of society.

As if the Anti-Muslim rally by the Tea Party and right wing Republicans was not enough, now they are attacking NPR, the only source of real news and views left on the radio.  I guess if you were following the Joseph Goebbels approach to media, you too would have to destroy all criticism of the right wing which you want to promote.

Now he has started a virtual book burning by trying to "defund" NPR!  These people who call themselves "Conservatives" are in reality anything but conservative.  They are in fact right wing fascists that would not know conservatism if it hit them in the face.

These same type of TP Brownshirts during the Republican primaries flushed Ron Paul (a real Republican) down the toilet and instead chose McCain and the horrific excuse for a governor of a state Sarah Palin.  If anybody thinks that we as a nation should be like the Tea Party and right wing Republicans and turn this country into an American Theocracy or "Christendom" then they are sorely mistaken.  They would literally have to walk over the dead body of our United States Constitution to do so.  However, by destroying all intellectual debate and education in the country, who knows...maybe they can get uneducated Americans to listen to Fox News and burn up the Constitution as a document of "evil"!?

The pathetic rhetoric of the right wing is so disgusting and so sad that I am at a loss for words.  I wonder how many times our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves if they saw what the right wing theocrats are doing in our nation!


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