Needed: Undercover Journalists To Spill Pseudo "Conservative" Beans

From seeing people like James O'Keefe and other so called "Conservative" hate mongers against all minorities who are not Christian or from a European heritage, I would suggest we need to get as many undercover journalists as possible to spill the beans on the right wing extremists among the GOP and the Tea Party. 

The single viral video of the extremist GOP/Tea Party "Anti-Muslim Rally" was almost censured and had spin thrown at it in order to down play it's evil.  However, we need hundreds more of those videos in order to educate the American public about the Anti-Americanism and Anti-Constitutionalism that is coming from the extreme right in the disguise of "Patriotism".

In fact, these hate mongers are promoting treason and Anti-Americanism by hating minorities and blaming them for all of the ills of society.  I wonder if they will start attacking "Meals on Wheels" or other social programs meant to help Americans next!

The problem with the extreme right's rhetoric is that it is simple, vulgar, and easily understandable by the masses even if they are not well educated.  It works off the principle of what Adolf Hitler said about right wing propaganda: "Keep it simple".  No wonder they mock President Obama, because he is an intellectual and understands that "simple" harsh changes do not benefit our country.  Decisions made with haste may have immediate gratification like getting a tattoo, marriage in vegas, or a drunken affair.  However, all of these things like their counterparts in politics have consequences.

When Americans were duped into entering multiple wars during the previous Republican administration, they listened to the simple words of a simple mind and now are living with the consequences of a crushed economy and loss of jobs.  The current administration needs 16 years just to recover from the previous 8 years of GOP drunken affairs.

Hence, this brings me to the point that I stated, we need undercover journalists to spill the beans on all these right wing groups that want to destroy America from within.  


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