Hezbul-Isa: Radical Christian Girl Celebrates Tragedy In Japan

So, it appears that we have our own Radical American Christian "Talibangelical" movement that celebrates the tragedy in Japan, supports the banning of Islamic practices, and encourages conversion or "death by God":

I wonder if this girl talked to the same extremists that Rifqa Bary talked to? I bet she will be voting for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

So where does this radical Christian ideology come from? Let's take a look:

What are your children learning in places like the "Xenos Fellowship" or other right wing evangelical "Talibangelical" training camps? I would suggest parents check out the places their kids go for "proper Bible study". Because not all Bible studies, just like Quran studies are "Kosher":

Now, with this growing right wing evangelical Christian fundamentalism, do we need to have another hearing on "Christian Radicalization" Rep. King?

I am proud that we have such a wonderful law enforcement agency in this country that will hopefully stop all extremists regardless if they are Christian, Muslim or Jewish.


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