Bahrain: Humanitarian Plight

The question to ask the mainstream media is why is this humanitarian plight, revolution, sectarian cleansing and oppression not covered?  The plight of Bahraini citizens is very sad.  We as Americans need to help these people against the despotic government of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia who are not democracies, but rather un-American and un-Islamic Absolute Monarchies:

Where is George Clooney, Prad Pitt, Sean Penn, and other actors to go check out the genocide of Bahrainis?  Why don't we put sanctions on Saudi Arabia, a country that has occupied Bahrain and crushed it's citizens?  Considering that 15 of 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were of Saudi origin, we should see why the Saudis sponsor so many groups that are hostile to the United States.  What happens when all the oil is gone and Saudi Wahabi Jihadists want to wreak havoc all over the place?  The time to address this issue is now and we as Americans can not sit back and wait for these atrocities to take place.  Write your congressman and senator and tell them how you feel about this issue.  Contact the media and tell them that you would like to see coverage of this humanitarian plight in Bahrain.

 I think the most telling part of the racism being shown the Arab Shia portion of the protestors/revolutionaries (because they are both Sunni and Shia that are resisting the government of Bahrain) by the Bahraini Government and Saudi Occupiers is how they are calling the Arab Shias "Majus" meaning they are Persian Zoroastrians as if that is a bad thing. Obviously Shias are Muslims, however Zoroastrianism is the ancient faith of Persia founded by the Prophet Zoroaster who is also considered an Islamic prophet in the line of 124,000 prophets who taught monothiesm before the Prophet Moses.


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