Monday, April 11, 2011

Insurance Fraud: Erie Insurance & It's Policy Holders

My Subaru was hit in broad daylight from behind by a Jeep in a rear end collision due to a one armed speeding man in a 10mph zone at my apartments.  The guy by the name of Scott Hamilton apologized for hitting my car (admitting to guilt) yesterday and then today his insurance company is telling me that he has a conflicting report and that in WV the person pulling out is responsible.  However, that is not the case here where the damage on my car is on the rear and corner of the right side.  Now, he and his insurance may not know that I contacted the Police, FBI, my Insurance, and my apartment complex in regards to this accident. 

So, they are trying to engage in insurance fraud while they can, especially if I am just another "outsider" they can manipulate.  See, the problem in WV is that not all people are kind and friendly; there are a lot of people; due to the ignorance, poverty, and discrimination; who do things to harm you.

Reminds me of all the people here who call Pizza shops and then don't pay for the pizza when the guy goes to deliver it and threaten him if he does not give them free food! (Information I got from a pizza shop owner) With poverty, ignorance and discrimination comes a plethora of problems, this is why it's important to have free healthcare and education in America.

There is an actual Police report on this accident because I called the Police after the guy was giving me minimal information in regards to his insurance.  He had not given me his policy number and had put his mom's name on the note paper.  I had to call him back multiple times to get all the necessary information from him.  I would not be surprised if he lost his arm in an accident due to a similar situation where he was speeding, considering that he likes to use a radar detector as well while driving with one arm! 

Some warning signs in regards to insurance companies are that if they are small firms in Parkersburg, WV with the adjuster ending the message with "have a blessed day" (typical of people who are fanatical about their race or faith), you know you are dealing with people who may be biased towards names such as mine who sound foreign compared to the guy who hit me.  Currently I am working on getting my apartment to send out a mass message to gather all witnesses to the incident that happened in broad daylight.  My wife was a witness, but of course his insurance would not accept her testimony.    Fortunately I do have pictures of the incident and the damages to the cars.  Let's see how this situation proceeds! 

I will be posting pictures of this guy's Jeep so that nobody else will be hurt by these minority despising fundamentalist Insurance Fraud con artists.  If this situation is not resolved and Erie Insurance listens to the lies of Scott Hamilton, then the next step is to have my lawyers sue both Scott Hamilton and Erie Insurance for Insurance Fraud.  

UPDATE: As expected Erie Insurance (Kristy Lynn Williams who ends her phone calls with "Have a blessed day", which apparently is only if you are one of their policy holders who engages in insurance fraud) has denied the claim.  Virtually turning this accident into a hit and run.  At this point, legal action against both this flimsy insurance company and it's policy holder would be called for in addition to any reviews and news reports on this insurance fraud.   

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