Interfaith Solidarity: Community Announcement

The interfaith community will come together to affirm our unity as residents of southeast Michigan in supporting the inalienable freedom to practice religious beliefs in peace and without persecution.

To those who would draw lines of hate to divide us we will respond that it is in fact our diversity that strengthens and unites us as Americans.

In answer to those who would come to our community to promote religious bigotry through misinformation and fear our interfaith community will respond with the universal message embraced among all of our faith traditions;

“…want for your neighbor what you would have for yourself.”

Interfaith Events events for April 21 and 22:

Event page;

THURSDAY April 21st Inter Faith Program at the Islamic Center of America 4 PM to 7 PM:

Catholic Archbishop Allen Vigneron, Episcopal Bishop Wendell Gibbs along with Christian, Jewish and Muslim Clergy leaders will hold a peaceful event of community unity.

The program starting at 4PM will include statements from Interfaith Leaders followed by a “Silent Witness” outside the Islamic Center of America (weather permitting) with our combined communities encircling the Mosque to symbolize the embracing of the American values and freedoms instilled in our Constitution.

Everyone present will be invited back into the Islamic Center to continue the program with an opportunity to hear Public Officials, Clergy and Community Leaders present statements and to participate in the signing of a Petition Affirming Community Unity. Faith leaders and officials are encouraged to arrive early to participate in the event.

FRIDAY April 22nd:

10:30AM -Press Conference by Interfaith Clergy will be held at the Islamic Center of America starting at 10:30AM.
1:30PM - Congregational Prayers will be held at the Islamic Center of America starting at 1:30PM.
4:30PM- 7:00PM -The Interfaith Community is advising those who support our unified stand against intolerance and bigotry to go the Dearborn Civic Center at Michigan Ave. and Greenfield Road for a rally from 4PM to 7PM.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please remember that Friday April 22nd is Good Friday and considered one of the holiest days for the Christian Faith Tradition.

The Islamic Center of America has four neighbor Churches that will hold services both Friday and Thursday evenings. So as not to interfere or disrupt any of the congregations’ ability to access their churches, parking restrictions in around adjacent lots will be strictly enforced.

PLEASE NOTE: Police will not allow blocking of streets or any parking in any undesignated areas in and around the location including adjacent roads or parking lots. Please also remember the Southfield Freeway has only one lane open.


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