Is NPR Trying To Join Right Wing Fundamentalists?

NPR has always been my favorite radio station, however recently I came across a very interesting report regarding the private, religious and emotional matter of the Muslim Women's Hijab (headscarf, not to be confused with the face veil).  This report was by NPR and it was about "Lifting the veil".   This is just another "veil" titled report, which smells of a left wing version of shariah ban justification and propaganda. NPR reporting on something like this in this fashion is very disappointing to say the least. The psychological subliminal message is that you are not smiling with the hijab on, then your smiling without it on.

This is more of a western left wing feminist ideology of 'lifting the veil to freedom and empowerment'. My mother does not wear the hijab, while my wife does. I don't see my mom anymore empowered or free than my wife. However, this Islamophobic attitude in general has created this kind of opportunity to make Muslims feel inferior.

I think the best quote I heard recently from Rep. Keith Ellison was "Why sit all back of the bus when we have the right to sit in the front" speaking in regards to Rosa Parks / Muslim comparison. What's next, "Lifting the beard", "Lifting the Kufi", "Lifting prohibition on Alcohol", "Lifting prohibition on Pork", "Lifting the Ritual Prayer", etc. Sure, there are two different types of Muslim women, like my mother and wife, however I am not sure if I appreciate the freakshow before and after propoganda. Coincidentally, they forget to mention that more women have actually put on the hijab after 9/11 then the other way around.

In fact, due to heightened curiosity on faith, more American women have come to the faith and started to don the hijab. Ironically, 11% of women wear hijab in Turkey, compared to here in America, where 43% of Muslim women wear it according to this same NPR report.

All of this brings me to the same point as before, where in today's climate of Islamophobia, we as Muslims must stick to a Centrist Democratic, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian platform where neither the right wing extremists nor the left wing extremists have any sway over American Muslim's status, civil rights, beliefs and practices.  If the Tea Party was not racist and mono-faith in nature, it could have attracted the American Muslim community as a whole, however it has not and instead created a bigger rift.

We as American Muslims are not going away and we are here to stay.  So, I suggest trashing all these "behind/lifting the veil" reports and sticking to more important matters such as the economy, jobs, national security and foreign policy.  We are in a world where we are competing with China, India, and Europe.  We need the Islamic world as an ally, especially with the new emerging Islamic Union/Federation that is developing after the mass democratic revolutions.  Why not have articles about "Lifting Islamophobia" and allowing Muslims to live in freedom and liberty? Free from persecution and Islamophobic remarks and actions?


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