Controversy: France Bans The Niqab

As much as I believe that the Niqab is not an Islamic practice for all Muslims and it has it's roots in Persian and Arab Pre-Islamic culture, everybody should be free to dress how they like.  Islamically, a Muslim Woman must have her face and hands uncovered.  This is related to the fact that you can not pray, unless your face and hands are bare.  This video goes into more detail in regards to the Niqab Controversy:

Overall, the ban of the Niqab in France is obviously an Anti-Islamic agenda, because the Niqab now is being replaced by Medical face masks by the women who are now banned from wearing their traditional outfits. Hence, they have failed at stopping the idea of the Niqab and instead created more animosity towards Muslims in general. But like all other Islamophobic acts that have taken place, it only makes people more curious about Islam and usually tends to lead to more reverts/converts to Islam. The French President, similar to his GOP counterparts here, is trying to garner right wing votes for himself by hating on Muslims.

In regards to the Islamically mandated Hijab, which is the headscarf and modesty of both Muslim men and women, here is a great video:

Ironically, Pre-Islamic wear of these areas (Islamic World) look pretty similar, especially the face veil was worn by Persian Zoroastrian Men and Women in order to keep the holy elements from contamination. Most Persian men and especially Priests of the Zoroastrian Temples would put face veils to keep their breath from contaminating the purity of the eternal fires of the temple. Coincidentally, many Arabs and other subject peoples of the Persian Empire adopted the face veil as well once they started to practice the Zoroastrian faith. You can see many pictures of Persian Zoroastrian Warriors wearing masks and veils on their faces both made of cloth or even chain mail in order to preserve the purity of the elements.


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