Who or What is a Wahabi ?

"In the last few years the term 'Wahabi' has become infamous among
the Muslims, however, there is very little understanding among the
general Muslim populace as to the exact meaning of this term

Some say that there is no such thing as a 'Wahabi' it is only a
myth. Others say that a 'Wahabi' is a person believes in Allah's

attribute of Al-Wahhab. Yet others say that to call someone a
'Wahabi' is an insult. So what is the mystery surrounding this
term 'Wahabi' ?

As to those who say that there is no such thing as a Wahabi, they
are either misinformed or lack knowledge on the subject. That
leaves us with the other two possibilities as mentioned above.
A Mullah in a local mosque in South London gave a lengthy Jum'a
Khutba on the term Wahabi. The Mullah was called a Wahabi by a
worshipper and the Mullah decided to clear his name. The Mullah
argued, that, yes he was a Wahabi because he believed in the
attribute of Allah, Al-Wahhab.

It was an excellent attempt by this Mullah to clear his name and
hide the facts. Ask yourself, why did a worshipper at the mosque
call this Mullah a 'Wahabi', the worshippers could have used any
of Allah's other famous 99 attributes, why call the Mullah a
'Wahabi'? And if the Mullah believes that he is a Wahabi on
account of his belief in the attribute of Allah Al-Wahhab, then why
make such a song and dance about clearing his name as a 'Wahabi'?

In short, the Mullah was offended when the worshipper called him a
Wahabi, this clearly indicates that there is more to this term
'Wahabi' then meets the eye.
So, we are left with the third possibility which indicates that
there is something sinister about the term 'Wahabi'. And to accuse
someone of being a 'Wahabi' is an insulting remark, but why?
We shall now clearly define the term 'Wahabi' and how it came

1. A 'Wahabi' is a person who follows the teachings of a Mohammed
Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi. Just as we call people who follow the
Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifa(RA), Hanafi. Wahabis are not called
'Wahabis' because they believe in Allah's attribute Al-Wahhab, all
Muslims believe in Allah's attribute Al-Wahhab.

2. Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi was born in 1699 and died in
1792. Before he appeared, there was no such term as 'Wahabi'.

3. Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi rebelled against the Akida of
Ahle Sunna Wa Jama'a and established his own Wahabi School of
thought. He took as his mentor Ibn Taimiyya (b1263/d1328), who also
had rebelled against the Akida of Ahle Sunna Wa Jama'a and
established his own school of thought.

4. Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi was spoon feed and supported by
the British Government who were looking for rebellious people like
Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi to destroy the Islamic Caliphate
from within its self. (Read the 'Confessions of a British spy' for
a detailed account of Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi's partnership
with the British).

5. Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi was despised by his father and
brother, who were both learned ulama of the Ahle Sunna Wa Jama'a.
Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi's brother, Sheikh Suleman, refuted
Wahabism in his book 'As-sawa'iq al-ilahiyya fi'r-raddi'ala

6. Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi declared the Ahle Sunna Wa
Jama'a as 'Kafirs'. He passed a ruling that it was lawful to kill
men, women and children belonging to the Ahle Sunna Wa Jama'a. In
fact, it is recorded in the books of history, that, the Wahabis
killed over 100,000 thousand Muslim men and enslaved the women and

7. Wahabis came into power by torturing and killing Muslims. They
finally took Mecca with the help of the British in 1924 and
bombarded the Shrine of the Holy Prophet(Sallalahu alayhi wa
sallam) in Medina. But it was in 1931 that they finally took
Medina. And in 1932 the Wahabis founded the state of Saudi Arabia.

These, then are the beliefs and atrocities that the Wahabis
committed not too far in history but they have managed to cover
their tracks successfully with 'Petro-Dollars', by buying the weak
Iman of some corrupt scholars who also became Wahabis.
So, the Mullah in the Mosque gave a totally misconstrued definition
of a 'Wahabi'. He was in reality offended when the worshipper
called him a Wahabi, because the Mullah knew full well what the
worshipper meant when he called him a Wahabi. The worshipper
clearly knew the account of the Wahabi history of murder and
disrespect towards the Prophet(Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam).
Our Mullah belongs to the Deobandi school of thought and this is
what one of the founding fathers of the Deobandi/Tableeghi movement
had to say about the Wahabis.

"Mohammed Ibne Abdul Wahhab is known as a Wahabi. His beliefs were excellent."

(Fatawa-e-Rashidia, Book 1,pp/111 by Rashid Ahmed Gangoi).
Now when the founding father of the Deobandi/Tableeghi school of
thought praises the Wahabi beliefs, then surely he also condones
the slaughter and rape of the Muslims by these very Wahabis. He
also condones the Bombing of the Holy Shrine of the
Prophet(Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam). Then, we the Sunni Muslims,
would like to know, why the Deobandis/ Tableeghis object on being
called Wahabis, when their own leader has praised the Wahabis for their 'excellent beliefs'?

We seriously urge the unsuspecting Muslim populace to rethink their
views and study the recent Islamic history in respect of the
Wahabi/Deobandi/ Tableeghi movements which all stand for the same cause but under different names.

It will be seen that these three notorious movements are bent on defaming the Holy Prophet(Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) and destroying Islam from the inside. These three movements are the products of British Conspiracies and nothing else.

For too long the Sunni Muslims have been sitting idle, while the Wahabi/Deobandi/Tableeghi movements have brain washed our Sunni brothers & sisters. They have destroyed the very fabric of our pure beliefs and polluted our Mosques with their twisted beliefs. These people never debate with the learned scholars of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, fearing the lose of face should their congregations hear of their defeat. They always run away making an excuse of not wanting to make fitna, when in reality they are the fitna makers who have divided the Muslim communities everywhere."


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