The so called "Muslim Liberty Project": Right Wing Islamophobic Fascists

There is this page on facebook called the "Muslim Liberty Project" that is nothing more than a think tank of right wing fascists who are Islamophobic and promote Islamphobia.  The most active members of this facebook page are either not Muslims or Hypocritical Converts who bash Muslims on a daily basis in the name of fighting extremism.

Fighting extremism and terrorism is something that is not unique to Muslims, as we have seen from the Arizona shooter to the Oslo Crusader, terrorism and extremism is common in all religions unfortunately.  To try to attack Muslims and Islam in the name of 'liberty' is not American and is in fact un-constitutional.

Please make sure that whenever possible to point out these right wing fascists activities and their potential harm to the Muslim community.  They are dangerous and could promote hate crimes against Muslims by their crazy rhetoric that includes things like denying Islamophobia itself.

Islamophobia deniers are no different than Holocaust deniers in fact they are all fascists, that is why the deny these things!  America needs to stand up against these fascists of the right before we don't have an America and a Constitution left.  Vote Democrat and re-elect Barack Obama if you want to have a stable country.

These loons need to be sent back to the cesspool they came out of so they don't dirty us any more than they have and they stop draining our taxes for their big private republican businesses.

We have created a new page on facebook to stand against these fascists by the name of Islamic Freedom Project:


Anonymous said…
The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, the highest Islamic religious authority in America, says there is an irreconcilable conflict between allegiance to America and allegiance to Allah and Muhammad. What do you think about that?
Irrelevant...That is for their own group, but they don't represent all Sunni Muslims, let alone Shia and Sufi Muslims or Lahori Ahmadi Muslims or other groups. Hence, that only matters to those who follow their school of thought (aka sect) which seems to be Salafist or Sunni in nature and may not include all the 4 Sunni schools of thought (Hanafi, Hanbali, Shaf'i, Maleki) or the Shia school of thought (Jafari, Zaidi, Ismaili). Just imagine, in the Shia Jafari school of thought how many Ayatollahs there are and how each one differs in opinion, and they are not even Sunni to be included in that organization you mentioned. There is no conflict in regards to allegiance to America and to Allah (Eloh, Khoda, Gott, God) and his last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In fact, when we were attacked by the 15/19 Saudi Wahabi nationals on 9/11, it made it duty bound for American Muslims to fight the terrorists. That is something the Wahabis don't want you to know.
I should add, if the so called Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America think there is irreconcilable conflict, why the hell are they in the USA? Why don't they go back to Saudi Arabia or another Wahabi friendly place? These people should not be called Islamist, they are in fact "Wahabists".

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