The Economy - Apparently the 2012 Mayan Calendar has one thing right, the stock market may come to an end in 2012: I would suggest to save your money and don't spend on things that are not necessary.  Get prepared for some harder times and lack of resources.  President Obama has tried to fix the situation, however he is only one man and no President can turn the tide of such a catastrophic situation with the economy that is not in his control.  Hopefully he will be re-elected to keep holding the GOP initiated flood gates started a decade before his election.  The DNC has the only group of intelligent and all inclusive people in contrast with the GOP's blatant racism via the Tea Party.  Morgan Freeman recently came out and said that the Republican Party is racist, he was not wrong due to so many examples in the recent media of Tea Party hatred towards all those who are not part of their race and religion.  Hopefully we can rebuild our nation by manufacturing more goods, creating more jobs, and building stronger alliances with the Islamic World that has many untapped resources and manufacturing that can help us and be a new trade partner, bypassing the Chinese Dragon and the European Union Chimera.   


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