Islamophobes Should Not Be Government Consultants

After the recent exposure of Islamophobic training tools that have been used by the Federal Government with the help of Islamophobic Turcopoles, people who may come from Islamic countries or heritage that hate Islam and call themselves specialists on Islam and Counter-Terrorism, we need to screen people much better.

By making the mistake of hiring Islamophobic people to train our government forces, we run the risk of bypassing the true threats to our nation and destroying it's constitution.  There is no reason why mainstream Muslims should be considered a threat to National Security, just because they practice their faith.  However, the Islamophobic people even from Islamic Heritages teach otherwise to make a dollar.

During my Non-Profit work, I can't begin to name the number of people I have met that have been liasons with the Federal Government who are Islam hating...Non-Muslim Arabs, Persians, Turks, etc. that end up teaching our government forces about Islam and Muslims.  Just imagine if you had Neo-Nazis teaching about Judaism to the federal government, would that not be an issue?  Take for example the many Iranian Ultra-Nationalists who could fit in to the Monarchist or even Iranian Nazi Party (Hezb-Sumka) that could be consulting the government right now about mainstream Muslims!

As a nation that is multi-cultural and has guarantees of religious freedom, we need to work on recruiting more actual Muslims or people of other faiths who are not Islamophobic...who do not hate Islam to consult the government on Islamic issues.  By using the wrong people, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot in regards to fighting terrorism, hate and intolerance...let alone religious freedom and civil fights.  


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