Donate $1: Feed The Poor & Hungry

Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal ash-Shadhili

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatu’llahi wa barakatuh.  Insha'allah

As we approach Hajj and Eid al Adha in the Islamic calendar and the time of harvest and thanksgiving within the secular calendar, the door has opened for us to share our bounty and provision with families in desparate need.

Our beloved Maryam Melody, SSC kitchen manager, recently visited a local family and discovered that their cupboards and refrigerator were bare--yes, people are going without food in this land of plenty! This deeply touched Maryam's heart. After hearing this, the SSC staff consulted with Sidi and are moving forward to feed a minimum of 10 families--muslim and non-muslim, because we need to care for our brothers and sisters as well as our neighbors without separation. Sidi has blessed our efforts, telling us that anyone who gives to the poor will receive many blessings from Allah.

The goal is to purchase each family a $100 gift card to a local supermarket or Trader Joe's so that they may choose the food that will best meet their family's needs.

If every beloved gave just $1--yes, just one dollar--we could feed 15 families. We are asking that every beloved give what they are able--$1, $10 or more. Please contact Bill Mansfield at 707-965-0700 ext. 21 with your credit/debit card information, mail a check made out to SSC or visit the website ( and click on the donation button. Please indicate that your donation is for the food drive.

Thank you and may Allah bless you deeply.

SSC Staff


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