America Was Founded on Freemasonry & God

America was founded on Freemasonry and the Abrahamic God which is based on Judeo-Christian-Islamic Esoterics and Gnosticism...

Freemason Degree Chart:
Please notice the Islamic
"Shriner" in the center top
of the chart.
"Freemasonry, sometimes just called Masonry, is the word's oldest and largest Fraternity. It aims to promote Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love among its from every race, religion, opinion, and background who are brought together as Brothers to develop and strengthen the bonds of friendship. There are more than 3 million members meeting in nearly every free country in the world. Freemasonry proposes to "make good men better" by teaching -- with metaphors taken from geometry and architecture -- about building values based on great universal truths. And of course, charity and community service is fundamental to Freemasonry and something they actively take part in.  Last but not least, Freemasonry is NOT A RELIGION."  Read more:

"The Knights Templar (Islamic Influenced Christian Knights on their return to Europe - Modern day Freemasons who founded America ie. George Washington) discovered under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a royal archive dating from King Solomon's times that stated that Phoenicians from Tyre voyaged to a westerly continent following a star called "La Merika". According to Knight and Lomas, the Templars learned that to sail to that continent, they had to follow a star by the same name, which became the origin of the name "America"."

Here are some resources regarding Freemasonry and Islam:

For the first time ever, a source from within reveals the shocking truth that the roots of the Knights Templar, and thus those of Freemasonry, were actually more deeply linked to Islam than to Christianity. The Knights Templar of the Middle East breaks new ground in this well-tilled sphere and is guaranteed to stir more fires of controversy than any other book to date on Freemasonry and Templars. Prince Michael writes with sterling scholarship, making full use of his access to libraries of the secret orders of which he is a member. The book delves deep to examine the true roots of this worldwide society, revealing both historical events from Europe to the Middle East and the author's own deeply personal, perilous journey to research and expose this hidden history. Going against the accepted history of the Freemason society as evolved from a remnant of Knights Templar who settled in Scotland, The Knights Templar of the Middle East takes readers much farther back to the true historical biblical land, based in Western Arabia rather than Palestine. The true secret of the Inner Circle of the Order of the Templars was such that, had they revealed it, the knowledge would have rocked the cradle of Christian and Judaic beliefs.

The story of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) is directly linked to the Freemasons.  The Freemasons base their rituals and practices based on the teachings of Prophet Solomon.  There has been a movie recently made regarding the Prophet Solomon that I recommend here:


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