Lecture on Sufism & Religious Pluralism in Columbus, Ohio - Sunday, December 11th at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus

Babak Darvish will be giving a lecture on "Sufism and Religious Pluralism" in Columbus, Ohio at a local Church on Sunday, December 11th at 12:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus in Ohio. 

Sufism is the spiritual aspect of Islam, which has a lot of similarity to Christian Gnosticism and Jewish Kabbalah.  It is the spirtual path to God as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Sufism teaches to look past the label of the person and to look at what is in the heart of that person.

The secret of Sufism lies in the "Divine Love" of Allah that helps us to love the rest of it's creation.  In a sense you could say following the light and not necessarily the light bearer.  Sufism is the best antidote to any type of religious extremism, especially the kind that is taught by the literalist Wahabi, Salafi, and Deobandi brands of Islam.

Sufi Islam which comes in both Sunni and Shia form has for hundreds of years been the glue that binds us all together and has kept chaos from taking over.

He joined the Shadhili Tariqa in 2006 by meeting Sidi Muhammad (www.sufimaster.org) when his best friend Jeremy Cooper was still alive.  Since then his outlook on life and faith has been different and he see things through a lense of love as should every Muslim and person of any faith.  


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