Saudi Inspired "Wahabis" Attack U.S. Embassy in Bosnia

10/28/11 The cancer of the Saudi inspired "Wahabism" is upon us already, just imagine if this came to our shores again (9/11): 

Saudi Arabia is the only state in the world which has “Wahhabism” as their state religion.  Most of the attackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. They are the ones sponsoring the Wahhabi terrorists and exporting this hateful ideology to the world. But because Saudi Arabia is a U.S. favored State in the War of Terror in the middle east, the U.S. did not attack Saudi Arabia, instead they attacked Iraq which had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11, and Afghanistan where the CIA was training Islamic extremists led by their  operative Osama bin Laden AKA Tim Osman. This means that the US is fighting the Wahhabi terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the same time sponsoring and supporting them through Saudi Arabia.

"The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon" - Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski

9/11, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Baghdad, Mumbai. All these terror attacks have one thing in common: all of the terrorists are followers of “Wahhabism”, the most radical sect of Islam and only a minority within the world wide Muslim community. These radical wahhabis have hijacked Islam and are responsible for 99% of all worldwide terror attacks.

Sunni, Shia and Sufi Muslims need to stay united against this deviant movement that is against all common sense and love.  We people of faith strive to serve the creator with unity of purpose, however we have a diversity of practices. The secret to success in this life is remembering that God created all of us and that inclusiveness and non-judgement is important to our success. However, when there are those who destroy this unity of purpose and diversity of practices, then we must point them out so that they are not emulated. God knows best.


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