Muslim Day Parade: Hypocrite Saudi Inspired Wahabis/Salafists Telling All-American Shia & Sunni Muslims to "Put Down American Flag"!

Here you go, more of the spawn of Saudi Arabia telling American Shia and Sunni Muslims to "Put Down The American Flag"!!!

Please pay attention to the American Muslim wearing a white outfit who goes and challenges the Wahabi/Salafi hypocrites and traitors on the sidelines and get's yelled at by these savages who support the ideology which in Saudi Arabia teaches to behead 67 year old Sufi Healer Grandmothers.

The question to ask is, where is "Bandar Bush" and the the GOP to tell their Saudi friends to stop spreading all these hateful Wahabi/Salafi books across the USA and the world with billions of dollars of oil money?


The American Flag - Raised by American Shia and Sunni Muslims with Pride.


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