World War III: Proxy War With China, Russia, and Iran?

Fareed Zakaria explains why Arming Syrian Rebels (in bed with Wahabi Extremists inspired by Saudi Arabia's intolerant Anti-Christian/Jewish/Shia/Sufi/Sunni/etc. doctrine) would be a danger to the safety and security of the USA and the world in regards to peace.  Syria is allied with China (where your products come from in Walmart), Russia, and Iran.  To make a move against Syria's government would be essentially a proxy war with the three countries we can't get involved in due to our dependence on China's manufacturing of 90% of our products.  This would cause a tanking of our economy which would make the depression look like a vacation.

This would of course go along with the 2012 World War III scenario aka "Mayan Prophecy".  Syria could start something that we would not be able to finish and would become a global war and crisis:

The question to ask here is that if it is wise to push on situations in a year that is already prophecied for such destruction?  Why would we as Americans encourage Saudi inspired Wahabis and Muslim Brotherhood groups to take over Syria?  We would have a lot more to lose than gain in this situation and hopefully people recognize this before we put our foot too deep in the tar pit.


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