According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asks Allah (swt) to bless the areas of Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said "Our Najd (Saudi Arabia) as well," he replied: "There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan." In a similar narration, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) again asked Allah (swt) to bless the areas Medina, Mecca (Sacred Hijaz), Sham (Syria), and Yemen and, when asked specifically to bless Najd (Saudi Arabia), repeated similar comments about there being earthquakes, trials, tribulations, and the horns of Satan.

"O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen." The people said, "O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd." I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, "There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from their appears the Horn of Satan."

As we have seen, the source of 9/11 and Terrorism in general against Muslims and Non-Muslims comes from the 15 of 19 Saudi Hijackers on 9/11.  Every news report you read that has to do with murder, death, and terrorism is somehow related to the Wahabi ideology of Najd in Saudi Arabia...Let's read these new reports:

by Shaukat Jafri

Acts of terrorism associated with the horrific tragedy of 9/11 have documented that 15 of the 19 hijackers involved in causing that mayhem were Saudi citizens. Almost 3000 innocent civilians lost their lives which does not include several hundred workers, most of whom were undocumented in terms of their immigration status, as they held menial jobs in those large buildings. Furthermore, what happened on that somber day in Washington D.C,  resulted in additional innocent lives that will never come back to be with their loved ones who were left behind with feelings of endless sorrow and sufferings. The enclosed article filed by a New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau, casually outlines the progress made so far in this crime of the century. Former senators Bob Graham of Florida & Bob Kerry of Nebraska were gracious as well as honest in filing sworn affidavits substantiating that there exists compelling evidence, well beyond a reasonable degree of doubt, that directly implicates the Saudi government in this heinous and evil endeavor. Almost a decade has gone by and aside from thousands of lives already perished, scores of people are still dying stemming from numerous environmental effects on the health of those individuals who were involved with the post 9/11 rescue efforts. The economic impact caused due to this tragedy considered to be insurmountable, as the cost estimates continue to mount. According to the experts in the field, the total numbers are well beyond any one's imagination .

Saudi Arabia, in most likelihood, stands to pay the compensation in the tune of trillion of dollars to the families of the victims, as well as to the parties that were hit with incalculable material losses. The U.S. government must also pursue the most injurious impact, this travesty has caused to this nation's overall economy. The wicked Wahhabi/Salafi regime deserves a swift and just treatment for unleashing this campaign of terror against the innocent people. This all started soon after this evil empire began amassing billions of Petro -dollars in the Kingdom's coffers.The Saudi state apparatus, accompanied by a cunningly crafted religious foundations system, launched a adopted a strategy that perpetuated hatred and bigotry, and advocated an exclusionary brand of Islam that despises minority sects. According to their thought process, Christians, Jews and people of other faiths are routinely described in the most inhuman and uncivil terms. The Saudi satans initiated their campaign of hate, first against Shia Muslim population centers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain. In particular, they established laboratories of bloodshed and terror in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and a few African countries. Most of their fellow Arab states always looked down at these Bedouins and as such did not permit these genocidal gypsies to invade their borders.    

During the late 1970's, the global Wahhabi establishment decided to proceed towards the Western shores. The most tolerant and gullible west with their lax security infrastructures was a haven for these zealots who used the most sacred religion of Islam to advance their bloody agenda. The West, soon became confronted with a spiral in the number of Mosques and Madrassas, financed by the Wahhabi/Salafi treasure mushrooming in their neighborhoods.   Also, a number of civic and religious organizations sponsored and financed by the Saudi funds were established in the name of Islam, only to plant fief of falsehood, fear. The rest is history.

The most crucial piece of information provided in this report pertains to the comments made by the two senators that they did not have enough time to uncover all the details associated with this crime. This will never be acceptable to the relatives of victims who are well acquainted with the late Libyan despot Moammar Qaddafi who led a similar campaign of terror that culminated in downing of a Pan Am plane in Locker bee, Scotland. Although number of people died in that 1988 episode Qaddafi's criminal regime paid in billions to the relatives of the victims, yet not enough to compensate for their loss and emotional tragedies. Although no statue of limitation exists on the crimes of this nature, and given the fact that both senators are alive and well, it is imperative that the wheels of justice move and move fast.

As someone very aptly stated that, " Justice delayed is the Justice denied".


Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say By  ERIC LICHTBLAUPublished: February 29, 2012

WASHINGTON — For more than a decade, questions have lingered about the possible role of the Saudi government in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, even as the royal kingdom has made itself a crucial counterterrorism partner in the eyes of American diplomats.

Now, in sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, two former senators who were privy to top secret information on the Saudis’ activities say they believe that the Saudi government might have played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.

“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of  Saudi Arabia,” former Senator  Bob Graham, Democrat of Florida, said in an affidavit filed as part of a lawsuit brought against the Saudi government and dozens of institutions in the country by families of Sept. 11 victims and others. Mr. Graham led a joint 2002 Congressional inquiry into the attacks.

His former Senate colleague,  Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, a Democrat who served on the separate 9/11 Commission, said in a sworn affidavit of his own in the case that “significant questions remain unanswered” about the role of Saudi institutions. “Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the September 11th attacks has never been fully pursued,” Mr. Kerrey said.

Their affidavits, which were filed on Friday and have not previously been disclosed, are part of a multibillion-dollar lawsuit that has wound its way through federal courts since 2002. An appellate court, reversing an earlier decision, said in November that foreign nations were not immune to lawsuits under certain terrorism claims, clearing the way for parts of the Saudi case to be reheard in United States District Court in Manhattan.

Lawyers for the Saudis, who have already moved to have the affidavits thrown out of court, declined to comment on the assertions by Mr. Graham and Mr. Kerrey. “The case is in active litigation, and I can’t say anything,” said Michael K. Kellogg, a Washington lawyer for the Saudis.

Officials at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, who have emphatically denied any connection to the attacks in the past, did not respond Wednesday to requests for comment.

The Saudis are seeking to have the case dismissed in part because they say American inquiries — including those in which Mr. Graham and Mr. Kerrey took part — have essentially exonerated them. A recent court filing by the Saudis prominently cited the 9/11 Commission’s “exhaustive”  final report, which “found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi individuals funded”  Al Qaeda.

But Mr. Kerrey and Mr. Graham said that the findings should not be seen as an exoneration and that many important questions about the Saudis’ role had never been fully examined, partly because their panels simply did not have the time or resources given their wider scope.

Terry Strada of New Vernon, N.J., whose husband died in the World Trade Center, said it was “so absurd that it’s laughable” for the Saudis to claim that the federal inquiries had exonerated them.
Unanswered questions include the work of a number of Saudi-sponsored charities with financial links to Al Qaeda, as well as the role of a Saudi citizen living in San Diego at the time of the attacks, Omar al-Bayoumi, who had ties to two of the hijackers and to Saudi officials, Mr. Graham said in his affidavit.

Still, Washington has continued to stand behind Saudi Arabia publicly, with the Justice Department joining the kingdom in trying to have the lawsuits thrown out of court on the grounds that the Saudis are protected by international immunity.

State Department officials did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday on the impact of the court declarations.
The senators’ assertions “might inject some temporary strain or awkwardness at a diplomatic level,” said Kenneth L. Wainstein, a senior national security official in the George W. Bush administration. Even so, he said, “the United States and the Saudis have developed strong counterterrorism cooperation over the last decade, and that relationship will not be undermined.”

A version of this article appeared in print on March 1, 2012, on page  A 19  of the  New York edition  with the headline: Saudi Arabia May Be Tied To 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say.

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