Saudi Shia: Informational project established in 2005

Saudi Shia activist Emtithal Abu Al-Saud
"Saudi Shia is an informational project established in 2005 by local scholars and intellectuals aiming to provide unbiased and first-hand information and analysis on  Shia issues in Saudi Arabia. Its target, also, is to have a proper forum to independently analyze current issues related to Shia community not available from mainstream news sources.

The founders of the project feel that little information are available on Saudi Shia's which make it difficult for interested individuals to get reliable and subjective studies on this society. They, also, concern about the limited understanding of the Saudi Shia, which is being plagued by stereotype and misconceptions.

They plan to tackle these limitations by addressing a broad range of historical, social, political, economical, religious and cultural issues and by soliciting writings and views from authors specialized in these fields. 

The project plans to provide its readers with detailed information, analysis and studies through a monthly newsletter and an annul report, which are to be sent to interested subscribers. It will, also, organize roundtable discussions on contemporary issues that relates to its goals and purposes.

The website provides a questions and answers section to make it easy and possible for its readers to receive immediate reply to their concerns and inquiries. Through this section, the project may also assist university students and researchers who need to contact specialized persons in any related subject and direct them to proper references and sources.

Saudi Shia is a civil, non-profit and independent project and earns its income from unconditional donations, subscriptions and grants.  

Saudi Shia welcomes comments, cooperation, and participation of any individual who is interested in this field.  "


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