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The Angels Michael and Gabriel in Islam

Christian depiction of the Angel Michael
and Gabriel
"Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith." - The Holy Qur'an 2:98

The first sura of the Qur’an, titled “The Opener,” begins with the phrase: “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.” Note the plural, worlds, does not refer to other planets and stars but rather to other sacred realms of unseen spiritual beings. (Martin, R 1982, p.92)

Allah not only created mankind but Angels and Jinn as well. Both Angels and Jinn are intelligent creatures with a sense of knowledge, allowing them to know and understand their Lord; what He desires from these creatures. Humankind are creatures that have a physical and touchable body that survive on this earth, however both angels and jinn are unable to be seen from the human eye or touched, as they do not have physical bodies. It was Allah that mentioned of their existence in the Qur’an. (Balagh, n.d.) It is questioned whether Jinn are angels or a different spirit altogether. (Awn, 1983, p.26)

The Qur’anic universe inhabited by all creatures is made up of three realms: the heavenly Paradise, the earth, and fiery hell which is Governed by its creator – Allah. (Esposito, JL 2005, p.25) In addition there are the “seen” and “unseen” realms. Later Islamic cosmologies, particularly among the Shi’ites and Sufis, significantly expanded the number of distinct realms within heaven and hell. (Martin, R 1982, p.94)

Angels serve as the link between human beings, acting as Allah’s agents. Created out of light, immortal and sexless, they function as recorders and guardians. (Esposito, JL 2002, p.27) All angels are men and Allah also confirms that his angels have wings – unsure on the number but about two, three or four. (Kasem, n.d.)

The angels serve Allah by guarding humans, passing on His messages, or performing multiple other tasks. (Esposito, JL 2002, p.27) For angels to rebel is unimaginable, and in fact impossible. The Qur’an 66:6 states ‘They (the angels) do not disobey what God orders them; they do what they are commanded’. (Awn, 1983, p. 27)

The most important of the angels is Gabriel (Jibril), he is responsible for conveying the message of Allah to Muhammad. The angel Michael provides nourishment for human bodies and knowledge to human minds; the angel Israfil sounds the trumpet at the Final Judgement. Many others are responsible for multiple different things, for example: death and capturing human souls, guarding hell and tormenting sinners, controlling and recording human deeds. (Balagh, n.d.)(Martin, R 1982, p.17,92)

The angel of death is known as either Azazil or Azrail. Islamic believers cringe when he is referred to, as the act of Azazil is in this horrible way:

God sends guardian angels to look over humans; the Angel of Death has angels who pull the soul from its body and when it reaches the throat, the Angel of Death captures it. They guard the soul of the dead person and take it to wherever Allah wills, to Illiyyin if he was among the righteous and to Sijjin if he was among the wicked (Kasem, n.d.).

Many Muslims believe that two angels watch over or attend each human being, recording all of their actions and words until death. The angel will present the recorded behaviour on the Day of Judgement. It is believed that the two angels are on either sides of the body. The angel on the ‘right’ is accountable for recording good actions, whilst the angel on the ‘left’ is accountable for recording bad actions. (Balagh, n.d.; Esposito, JL 2002, p.28) Allah is not scholarly however he created the angels to be highly educated, more so than himself. (Kasem, n.d.)

Other unseen creatures include the jinn. Along with humankind and the angels, the Jinn appear in Islamic tradition as intelligent individuals that similar to man, are subject to being saved or led astray. Usually defined as invisible creatures, even though they have the power to assume visible form from time to time. (Martin, R 1982, p.93-94)

Islamic folklore has associated the Jinn with enchanted performances of magic. Numerous stories in the popular romances of the Thousand and One Nights represent Jinn as agents of marvellous feats of magic. Related to the Jinn are the shayatin (singular shaytan, i.e. Satan). They appear in the Quran as proud and rebellious demons who, through their disobedience, will suffer punishment in hell-fire. The Quran (sura 26) had suggested that the poets and the other Arab contemporaries of Muhammad who persisted in the cultural and religious attitudes of the “Time of Ignorance” were inspired to go astray by the satans. (Martin, R 1982, p.93-94)

The Qur’an details about the jinn as an invisible creature, similar to humankind. There are two key groups of Jinn: Jinn that believe and obey Allah and Jinn that are disobedient to Allah and corrupt. Both of the groups are the exact same to humankind when concerning being believers or disbelievers, obedient or disobedient. (Balagh, n.d.)

Verse 72:6–7 states that humankind desired the jinns power, however they only brought hardship to humans. The humans that were chasing Jinns power as well as the non-Muslim Jinns themselves did not believe in Resurrection day (Kasem, n.d.). Ibn Abbas wrote about three different kinds of Jinns: non-Muslim Jinns that look like animals like snakes and dogs, Jinns that fly and Jinns that rise and fall wherever they want. (Kasem, n.d.) However, according to Ghazali there are four types of jinns: Scorpions, Worms, Serpents and Jinns in the sky. Additionally the humans seeking power from the Jinns and non-Muslim Jinns were compared to the unbelievers of Mecca by Ibn Abbas. Thus there are Muslim and non-Muslim jinns. (Kasem, n.d.)

Allah divided two camps of humankind: Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, similarly Allah created Islamic Jinns and un-Islamic Jinns; two different worlds of Jinns. Allah suggests in verse 72:14 that a Jinn is only on the right path if they embrace Islam, however those Jinns (non-Muslim) that don’t believe in Islam will be used as stimulation of the hellfire. (Kasem, n.d.)

Ibn Kathir also talks about Muhammad reciting the Qur’an at Nakhla along with nine Jinns visiting him. Verse 72:19 clarifies that multiple Jinns surrounded Muhammad, listening to him in prayer. (Kasem, n.d.) When hearing Muhammad recite the Qur’an, their enthusiasm got out of hand and almost found them on top of him. Despite their enthusiasm, Muhammad was oblivious of his audience; it was not until Gabriel warned Muhammad of his unknown Jinn visitors. (Kasem, n.d.)

Islamic faith is lost if anybody within the religion doesn’t accept the concept and idea of the angels and jinns existence. Within verse 4:47, Allah suggests that he has firm consequences planned for these disobedient individuals. (Kasem, n.d.) In 4:47, Ibn Kathir understands Allah’s consequences in this way: ‘Effacing means turning them blind; turn their faces backward means put their faces on their backs and make them walk backwards; curse them means to turn them into animals’ (Kasem, n.d.).

Belief of the Islamic world of angels and jinns is an important ingredient of the Islamic faith system. Muslims living within this view of the world seem to perceive life with special meaning. The cosmos had a beginning and will have an end, therefore a purpose. The revelation of God’s word in the Quran and the guidance of the prophetic Sunna, maps the way of the believer to that end. (Martin, R 1982, p.94)


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The Holy Qur’an.

Relevant source: http://discoveringislam.org/angels_vs_jinn.htm

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Saudi Wahabi Shaykh Insults Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)!

First the Wahabis destroy Islamic holy sites and try to erase the existence of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and now this hypocrite Wahabi Shaykh comes and says that the Prophet used to sell Alcohol to the Sahaba...Astaghfirallah! 


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Music in Praise of Prophet Muhammad (sas)

Defy the Takfiri Wahabi Terrorists and celebrate the Prophet Muhammad's birthday and praise him! The following is traditional Islamic Music in praise of Prophet Muhammad (sas):

Praising the Prophet Muhammad (sas) is fighting against the Terrorists of Al-Qaeda...Celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (sas) is fighting against the Terrorists of Al-Qaeda! 

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The Legacy of Iranian and Indian Islam

“…Out of the ruins of the Caliphate a brilliant, inclusive Islamic civilization flowered under the Mongols, centered on Persia, rooted in Sufism, and predominantly Shia. But Ibn Taymiyya and others who followed the Hanbali code of jurisprudence the last, strictest and least popular of the four main schools law in the Sunni tradition… this civilization was anthema and an offense to God“. (Allen, 2006, p.44; Allen, C. (2006). God’s Terrorists: The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad. London, England: Abacus.).

“The son of Shah Wallullah, Shah Abdel-Aziz, gathered around him a network of disciples who visited India in 1809. Radiating from Indian centers where the British Colonial Office ruled, Eastern mysticism engendered a revival of xenophobic, Islamic purity that considered all outside influences as suspect and evil. Some of the Islamic orders demanded that all Muslims safeguard themselves from the penetration of Persian traditions and Indian habits” (Dreyfuss & LeMarc, 1980, p.119; Dreyfuss, R. & LeMarc, T. (1980). Hostage. New York: New Benjamin Franklin House Publishing Company).

CONCLUSION: Imperial England was keen to seek and to promote those “Muslims” (Wahabis) who disliked the legacy of India and Iran in Islam. This coincided with British imperial objectives at the time as such ideology helped prevent unity between India’s Muslims and Hindus against the British rule in India.
The promotion of anti-Iranism also assisted in undermining Iran’s s cultural legacy in India, especially the Persian language which was spoken at one time from Bengaladesh to the shores of the Aegean Sea.  Today's terrorist acts are the handiwork of the same Wahabis that were promoted by the British.  Today Sunnis, Shias and Sufis live in fear of these literalist war dogs of Imperial Britain.

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Living in the Kardashian Age: 25 Signs your Narcissistic or Borderline Wife or Girlfriend is Traumatizing You

Do you experience insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, nausea, aches and pains, and an underlying sense of dread? Do you feel like you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Is it difficult for you to trust others because you’re worried they’ll hurt you? Do you frequently feel ashamed, guilty, and worthless? Are you involved with an emotionally abusive, narcissistic or borderline woman?
Ain’t love grand! Being involved with an emotionally abusive, narcissistic or borderline woman can do quite a number on you. If you’ve been bullied, manipulated, abused, confused, and demeaned by the woman you love, you may have developed a stress reaction from her repeated violations of trust called betrayal trauma (Freyd, 2008). Betrayal trauma can significantly and adversely affect your physical and psychological well being (Freyd, Klest, & Allard, 2005).

Many men who are abused by their wives or girlfriends don’t recognize their behaviors as abusive. These men minimize and misidentify what’s happening by telling themselves that she’s just “emotional” or, worse yet, blame themselves for her cruel and hurtful behaviors. These men blind themselves to the reality of the situation in order to preserve the relationship.

Alternatively, some men realize her behavior is wrong and abusive, but remain silent. There are two primary reasons for keeping mum:
  1. Confronting an abusive woman about her behavior only makes her nastier and you’re then subjected to a narcissistic rage episode and/or histrionic drama queen performance.
  2. She’ll just blame you for everything or deny what she did anyway, so why bother saying anything?
Whether you’re suffering in self-induced oblivion or are painfully aware, but keeping quiet, there are consequences to staying in an emotionally abusive relationship. Trauma affects you physically and psychologically. It also has a detrimental effect on all of your other relationships or lack thereof.
Common physical and emotional reactions to trauma:
  1. Headaches, backaches, muscle fatigue, and stomach aches.
  2. Nausea, irritable bowels, diarrhea, or constipation.
  3. Increased susceptibility to colds and other illnesses because chronic stress is weakening your immune system.
  4. Insomnia and other sleep disturbances such as ruminative thought or bad dreams.
  5. A pervasive sense of anxiety, dread, fear, worry, and/or panic attacks.
  6. Depression, the blues, grief, or feeling hopeless about the future.
  7. Feelings of helplessness, weakness, and being trapped.
  8. Feeling disoriented, confused, and/or overwhelmed.
  9. Isolating yourself from others, not communicating with friends and family.
  10. Feeling emotionally detached, shut down or numb.
  11. Feeling overwhelmed or flooded by feelings that are disproportionate to the situation.
  12. Difficulty concentrating, focusing or remembering things.
  13. Feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness and/or blaming yourself for things that aren’t your fault.
  14. Difficulty trusting others, feeling paranoid (like others are out to get you), feelings of betrayal.
  15. Drinking too much, taking drugs, overeating or engaging in other compulsive behaviors to numb and/or soothe yourself.
  16. Outbursts of anger, rage, irritability or frustration that are disproportionate to the situation.
  17. Mood swings or moodiness.
  18. Overly sensitive to criticism.
  19. Denying, rationalizing or minimizing the traumatic behaviors.
  20. Feeling on edge, jumpy or hypervigilant to possible attacks, always being on the defense.
  21. Keeping secrets, censoring or stuffing your feelings, lying to others about what happens in your relationship.
  22. Developing false beliefs such as, “All women are crazy” or “Never trust anyone” or “Never let your guard down” or “Never tell anyone how you’re really feeling or what you really think because they’ll use it against you.” These are negative and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living life fully.
  23. Difficulty making decisions, fear of making the “wrong choice.”
  24. Not taking care of yourself—eating poorly, not exercising, not getting enough rest, engaging in dangerous activities that could be passive suicide attempts like crossing the street without looking or biking in dangerous areas.
  25. Feelings of indifference, fatalism, cynicism, or pessismism.
These are NORMAL reactions to ABNORMAL and abusive behaviors. However, your girlfriend or wife has probably used the stress reactions you’re experiencing, because of her, as another device to hurt you. “Why are you so sensitive? Stop being so defensive! You’re a hypochondriac. Stop being such a baby. You’re so angry. You’re being labile.” Sound familiar? She uses the trauma symptoms you’re experiencing, which she induced, to further traumatize you. Nice.

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of betrayal trauma please take the necessary steps to get out of your emotionally abusive relationship and recover from it. Healing from trauma takes time and can bring up a lot of painful emotions that you had to suppress while in your emotionally abusive relationship. This is also a normal part of the process. Try to feel the feelings as they come up without guilt or self-recrimination.

Other tips to recover from trauma sustained in an abusive relationship include:

Seek support. Share your feelings with someone you trust. If you’re uncomfortable talking with friends or family at first because you’re ashamed or feel foolish, find a therapist or join a support group.
Don’t isolate. One of the effects of being in abusive relationship is distancing yourself from others who care about you. Part of recovery involves reestablishing these connections.
Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, rest, and find ways to relax.
Develop a daily routine. This will keep you grounded and help to create a sense of predictability and normalcy after the unpredictability and instability of your life with your emotionally abusive wife or girlfriend.

by Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

SOURCE: http://shrink4men.wordpress.com/2009/04/02/25-signs-your-narcissistic-or-borderline-wife-or-girlfriend-is-traumatizing-you/

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Saudi Wahabi Inspired Terrorists: Al-Qaida Releases Video of American Hostage

Al-Qaida Releases Video of American Hostage

In a video released Sunday by al-Qaida, American hostage Warren Weinstein said he will be killed unless President Barack Obama agrees to the militant group's demands.
"My life is in your hands, Mr. President," Weinstein said in the video. "If you accept the demands, I live; if you don't accept the demands, then I die."
Weinstein was abducted last August in Lahore, Pakistan, after gunmen tricked his guards and broke into his home. The 70-year-old from Rockville, Md., is the country director in Pakistan for J.E. Austin Associates, a Virginia-based firm that advises a range of Pakistani business and government sectors.
In a video message posted on militant websites in December, al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri said Weinstein would be released if the United States stopped airstrikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. He also demanded the release of all al-Qaida and Taliban suspects around the world.
The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant messages, said Al-Sahab, al-Qaida's media arm, posted the Weinstein video on jihadist forums Sunday.
"It's important you accept the demands and act quickly and don't delay," Weinstein said in the video, addressing Obama. "There'll be no benefit in delaying, it will just make things more difficult for me."
He also appealed to Obama as a father. If the president responds to the militants' demands, Weinstein said, "then I will live and hopefully rejoin my family and also enjoy my children, my two daughters, like you enjoy your two daughters."
After his kidnapping, Weinstein's company said he was in poor health and provided a detailed list of medications, many of them for heart problems, that it implored the kidnappers to give him.
In the video released Sunday, Weinstein said he would like his wife, Elaine, to know "I'm fine, I'm well, I'm getting all my medications, I'm being taken care of."

SOURCE: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/al-qaida-releases-video-american-hostage-16292422#.T6epGMXQq-U 

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Mali Wahabi Terrorists Destroy Islamic Sufi Saint's Tomb!

Wahabi Terrorists in Mali
More Saudi Wahabi insanity in Mali... (You can thank Saudi Arabia for printing the Wahabi books that brainwashed these people to destroy an Islamic tomb) "The rebels burned the tomb of a Sufi saint where people come to pray, said Sankoum Sissoko, a tour guide familiar with the place. He said the library and other heritage sites remained under threat."

Rebels burn Timbuktu tomb listed as U.N. World Heritage site

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 3:07 PM EDT, Sat May 5, 2012
  • Islamist rebels took over Timbuktu after the coup in Mali
  • Residents were trying to protect other heritage sites in the ancient city
  • One religious leader says the rebels have no respect for Timbuktu's history
  • In 2001, the Taliban blew up Buddha statues in Bamiyan, a heritage site in Afghanistan
Bamako, Mali (CNN) -- Elderly men were keeping watch Saturday over Timbuktu's main library after Islamists burned down a tomb listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The attacks Friday were blamed on Ansar Dine, a militant group that seeks to impose strict Sharia law.
The ancient city in Mali was captured by at least two separatist Tuareg rebel groups in an anti-government uprising in the northern part of the country that began in January.
The rebels burned the tomb of a Sufi saint where people come to pray, said Sankoum Sissoko, a tour guide familiar with the place. He said the library and other heritage sites remained under threat.
Sufism is a mystical dimension of Islam and Islamists believe Sufi shrines are sacrilegious. As such, they have mounted attacks in several nations.
Sissoko said the attackers were dressed in signature Ansar Dine black robes and turbans. Timbuktu residents, he said, were ready to take up arms against the rebels, who have been linked to al Qaeda.
Religious leader Baba Cheick Sekou said the occupying rebel groups have no respect for Timbuktu's religious and historic importance.
Sekou said he feared for the protection of the prestigious Koranic Sankore University and ancient manuscripts that are kept there as well as other tombs and mosques of historic significance.
"All Muslims know the tomb is holy a place," he said. "It's not something you attack and destroy. It's anti-Islamic. People in the community are angry."
Timbuktu Mayor Ousmane Halle said the attackers tore down windows and wooden gates at the grave sites and burned them. Tension was high in the city, he said.
"People are angry, and for a good reason," Halle said.
"So far there's been no response from the central government condemning the attack," he said. "I'm still waiting for them to give a declaration. That's what they would have done if it happened in Bamako."
To many, Timbuktu conjures a distant and exotic place due its location on the southern edge of the vast Sahara and accounts of great material and scholarly wealth.
Known as the "city of 333 saints" for the Sufi imams, sheiks and scholars buried there, Timbuktu was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.
After the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi, armed Tuaregs who had been fighting in Libya streamed back across the border into Mali. In March, the ongoing Tuareg revolt sparked a military coup against Mali President Amadou Toumani Toure by officers unhappy with the government's handling of the rebellion.
The rebels capitalized on the chaos in Mali's capital in the south, Bamako, and usurped large swaths of territory in the north. UNESCO grew gravely concerned about the protection of heritage sites.
UNESCO chief Irina Bokova had called for all groups to respect and protect the city's history.
"Timbuktu's outstanding earthen architectural wonders that are the great mosques of Djingareyber, Sankore and Sidi Yahia must be safeguarded," she said.
"Along with the sites' 16 cemeteries and mausolea, they are essential to the preservation of the identity of the people of Mali and of our universal heritage."
Islamists destroyed another world heritage site in 2001 when the Taliban used dynamite to blow up two giant 6th century statues of Buddha carved into the cliffs of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan.
In a recent report, Human Rights Watch accused the Tuareg rebels of war crimes, including rape, use of child soldiers, summary executions, and pillaging of hospitals, schools, aid agencies and government buildings.
Journalist Katarina Hoije contributed to this report.

The Saqeefah Conspiracy: Two Part Lecture Series by Sayed Mahdi Almodarresi

Answering the most pivotal question in Islamic history: Did the Prophet appoint a successor? Two part lecture series which addresses this question, titled "The Saqeefah Conspiracy"":

Part 1: http://www.hujjat.org/index.php?option=com_zina&Itemid=29&l=8&p=Audio%2FSayyed+Mahdi+Modarresi%2FMuharram+1426%2Fmuharram1426-09.mp3&m=1

Part 2: http://www.hujjat.org/index.php?option=com_zina&Itemid=29&l=8&p=Audio%2FSayyed+Mahdi+Modarresi%2FMuharram+1426%2Fmuharram1426-10.mp3&m=1

محاضرتان تجيب على هذا السؤال: هل نصب رسول الله خليفة له من بعده؟ إذا كان لك صديق أو زميل يتحدث بالإنجليزية تريد أن تساعده في الإجابة على هذا السؤال المحوري، فإن هذين المحاضرتين له!

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Persian Speaking Iranian Islands: Islands of Abu Musa, Tonbe Kuchik and Tonbe Bozorg

NOT WAHABI LAND! The Iranian Persian Speaking Islands of Abu Musa, Tonbe Kuchik and Tonbe Bozorg are all Iranian Islands with Persian (Farsi) Speaking Iranian people on it. 

It has been so forever and it does not belong to the UAE or KSA. http://youtu.be/E5sy0SZ1xDs

UNBELIEVABLE: Saudi Wahabi Suicide bombers being auctioned to go to Syria

UNBELIEVABLE: Saudi Wahabi Suicide bombers being auctioned to go to Syria...(I wonder if this is how the Saudi's did 9/11?)


This is why the Muslims of the world are standing firm against this hypocrisy, here is a community on facebook called "Occupy Hijaz" to stop this kind of Saudi Wahabi Terrorism and domination of the proposed "Sacred Islamic State of Hijaz" to be governed by a multi-national/ethnic and multi-sectarian coalition of Muslim countries instead of the Monarchy of the Saudi-Wahabi pact.