CREDO MOBILE: Iranian-American Fight Racism Phone Deal

IRANIAN-AMERICAN FIGHT RACISM PHONE DEAL: This is how you fight corporate style...I just talked to Louie Virtusio from Credo Mobile's Corporate Office regarding the Apple controversy and they can give you the same deal they gave me if you mention my name "Babak Darvish" for this special program. Contact at [ or call 415-369-2071 ] he can give you unlimited everything service for 2 lines with 2 new Samsung Galaxy II phones for $206/mo and $100 for both phones! Also, for the first year you only pay $150/mo for unlimited everything!!! 

So, right now you pay $100 for 2 iPhone comparable Samsung Galaxy II $150/mo for 2 lines with UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for the first year, then you can pay $206/mo the second year, or take down the minutes and pay less!!! Plus, Credo mobile is a progressive politics company that stands firm against right wing anti-Iranian war rhetoric!


Switch from Apple's iPhone and At&t today! :) This offer is for all Americans!


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