iDISCRIMINATE: Tell Apple's CEO to Stop Discriminating Against Iranian Americans

In some Apple stores, speaking Persian means you can’t buy their products.

That’s what happened to a 19-year old Iranian-American student who was prevented from buying an iPad when a clerk overheard her speaking Persian.

There have been additional reports of Apple employees preventing Iranian Americans and Iranian students from buying their products.

This is an insult to our community.  It is discrimination and racial profiling on the basis of sanctions and it must stop.

Broad sanctions make it illegal for Apple, or any other U.S. company, to send products to Iran—even many communications tools that advance the cause of democracy.  But now we are witnessing a private company racially profile their Iranian American customers on the basis of enforcing those sanctions.

Send a letter below to tell Apple CEO Tim Cook to put a STOP to this discrimination.  Through public pressure, we can prevent other companies from discriminating against their Iranian-American customers on the basis of sanctions.
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