Shia Rights Watch ( Fighting Persecution of Shia Muslims Worldwide

Finally, there is a Global Rights Organization for Shia Muslims who are being persecuted by Wahabis and other intolerant groups: 
Mission Statement
Shia Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the rights of Shia Muslims worldwide. We investigate violations against Shia communities in order to raise awareness against injustice.  We promote change through research and publications. Our reports and articles are submitted to government and international organizations, and we continually monitor media outlets to ensure coverage of Shia rights violations. Shia Rights Watch stands with victims of prejudice, and supports activism in order to prevent discrimination, support political freedom, and protect people from inhumane conduct. We enlist the local public and international community to support the cause of human rights for all.
The Purpose of SRW
Shia Muslims residing in various countries and of differing backgrounds face constant oppression throughout the world solely based on their faith. In fact, in some areas, Shia Muslims have been the target of repeated persecution for centuries as evidenced in the well-documented and increasing extremism of the Wahhabi movement. We believe underrepresented Shia Muslims need a human rights organization that highlights the violations against them meanwhile giving their call for help a louder voice.
Staff Organization
The organization began with the collaborative efforts of volunteers with a common interest in advocating international human rights. Momentum from increased volunteering and activism allowed for a formal development of the foundation of Shia Rights Watch. Currently the organization has more than 100 active members working from various locations worldwide. The responsibilities of members range from gathering news and information to publishing reports and articles in order to advocate change. We are proud of the religiously and ethnically diverse group of activists who are working together towards a common goal.
reports, publication, and distribution
SRW intends to publish its findings in a manner that reaches the widest audience, and thus considers most effective a multifaceted approach to report distribution. We distribute our reports primarily to national committees and human rights organizations, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, we contact the offices of various Imams and Scholares which strengthen a network of communication among Shi’a Muslims abroad and their surrounding communities. Our reports are available online


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