Save Maryam!

“I’ve long been aware of this problem, and it’s by no means restricted to Indonesia…
Many of our imams, sheikhs and ulama are completely out of touch with today’s young people, and I use the term ‘young people’ in the loosest possible sense, as the disaffected include people now well into their 40′s, even some older than them… For the most part, Islam is not being presented as a 21st Century faith, even though it’s central message and concepts are timeless. We need to change that, or Islam will quite simply disappear for good!
We mustn’t blame the Christians, as they’re simply doing what they believe to be right, and indeed much of it is, which is why they’re having such success. To remedy the situation, we must return to the central tenets of Islam, the wisdom of the Holy Qur’an and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him; revisited and interpreted in ways relevant to the modern world. Within this wisdom, are to be found solutions to present challenges, but before this will be realised, we must first collectively understand and not merely try to apply long since outdated, medieval concepts and ideas…
A new spirit of openness needs to be cultivated, inclusive of everyone interested, most especially women and young people. Less emphasis on mullahs, who while they may know their books, have next to no understanding about the modern world and the challenges faced by people today, during their day to day lives.
A true scholar is one who can apply the lessons of Islam in ways relevant to those they minister to, effectively. A person wearing the costume of a scholar, sheikh or imam who cannot do this, who’s unable to understand the needs of those around them, is not what they appear to be…
New media, social networks, and television need to be used to spread the good news. Take heart, the situation is not beyond all hope, but we need to stop sitting on our laurels and take positive action, if we want to turn this situation around for the better. Insha Allah, with the blessings of the most Forgiving and Compassionate One, we will! Ma salam.”
~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Approximately 2 million people in Indonesia leave Islam for Christianity every year.

Why is this the case? Why are people not satisfied with Islam? Why are they willing to abandon Allah?

Join us in our mission to save a generation of Indonesians and help us bring Islam back into their lives. Spread the word. Save Maryam.

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** Please note: No music was used in the creation of this video, beat boxing was used as an alternative. The report at 00:35 is for demonstration purposes only, however the fact is valid according to International Crisis Group.

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