Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal ash-Shadhili Visiting His Students in the USA

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu.
Please Join us for:
Sidi Welcome Event  July 21 -24

     Where: Mother Center, Pope Valley, CA

    When: July 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th (Saturday through Tuesday)

SIDI said today that he will be giving a very special, strong and clear teaching for all the beloveds at this Event!   As Sidi says - Don't Miss Your Chance!            

Tentative Schedule:
     Suhur - Breakfast
     Fajr Pactices
     Qur'an Reading  
      Al Wird - from 9:30am
     Teachings Daily 10am, 12 noon  &  4:30pm
     Prayer Retreat Time
     Iftar - Break fast and dinner
     Isha and Tarawee Prayers
   Khalwa Monday after Tarawee
    EndsTuesday at 6:00pm
    Register: Please register for the event now ! ! !
                    Click on the Registration Link Below:

          Email:  Laila Smith:
          Call: Laila Smith, 707-965-0700 x21
                  *for help with registration or for more information

  Tuition: Your tuition goes to support your Mosque.  It defrays the many expenses of putting on the event and making sure you are taken care.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Ramadan Retreat Aug 10th-19th
     Where: Mother Center, Pope Valley, CA

    When: August 10th - August 19th
    Register: Please register for the event, room and board now ! ! !
                    Click on the Registration Link Below:

     * Begins Friday August 10th with Fajr
     * Laylat ul Qadr Khalwa  expected on Tuesday night Aug 14th
     * EID Celebration expected on Sunday Aug 19th
     * Sidi expected from Sunday Aug 12 throught Thursday Aug 16th

Let's Welcome Sidi together!

From all of us at the Mother Center

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Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities
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