WAZE: Free Social Network GPS Navigation App made in Israel

I wish there could be peace between Israel and it's neighbors, this is my favorite application on my iPhone...made by an Israeli in Tel Aviv! Imagine what the Middle East could be without war.  I think what the people of the Middle East need to do is focus on the 'bigger picture', what the Middle East (Including Israel, Iran, Turkey, and the Arab nations) can do to become a source of progress and technology. Currently, the Middle Eastern nations of Iran, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt are the most technologically advanced and need to work on more cooperation with each other. Israel needs to back off of attacking Iran and Iran needs to calm down with all the rough talk. We are living in a global age. Some people are against Globalization, however the more I see this insane saber rattling, I think if we all thought of each other as the citizens of earth, that may be a better idea. In a sense, Facebook is a part of that "Global" citizen idea. We need to think more for the progress of Humanity and Earth vs. that of our Family, Tribe, and Nation only. Yes, you can be proud of your heritage, however unless you want your children to live in the same primitive war state as before, then you need to focus on progress. Technology is a gift from Allah and should be used with the best of humanity in mind, not by corporations who only care about money. It is that corporate greed that creates these wars.


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