AMERICAN NATIONAL CRISIS: Very interesting report...not in the last 60 years has it been like this.

Two things that stand out regarding the job hunt are when you see Corporations putting signs that 'YOU MUST BE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED' ...Seriously?  Why would you be applying for a new job if you are currently employed?  Ironically corporations love taking in slave wage working foreign employees who are currently working.

Another question that comes to mind is when the US Federal Government applications require you to 'NOT HAVE DEFAULTED ON A STUDENT LOAN INSURED BY THE US GOVERNMENT' ...Seriously?  The reason why students have student loans is to be able to QUALIFY for the government position.  Now that they have the degree, they are being discriminated against because they don't have a job and can't pay back the student loans that funded the required qualification of at least having a bachelors degree.  Some of the best minds are being kept out of our government.

Overall, none of these things make sense either from Corporate or Government employers.  I suggest we do a massive overhaul in this country if we expect the economy to turn around.  IT'S THE JOBS PEOPLE! We have outsourced all our jobs to China and India and then we punish our people for doing whatever they can to catch up to foreign workers qualifications.  


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