Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another Janissary Commander Executed for his Loyalty to Prince Mustafa

It is interesting to note that how many Janissary Commanders were executed during the "Reign of The Harem" due to the rivalry between the first born Prince Mustafa and his brother Selim (and his mother).  Here is another Bektashi Sufi (Shia-Sufi) Janissary Commander that is executed by the Sultan himself as an example to the rest of the Jannisaries so they don't think about revolting.  These kind of revolts plagued the Ottoman Empire for some time due to the mishandling of government and allowing detrimental influences.

A Janissary Commander Being Executed For His Loyalty to Prince Mustafa

This is a very interesting scene regarding the courage of the Bektashi Sufi (Shia-Sufi) Jannisary Commander who pledged his loyalty to Prince Mustafa instead of his younger brother.

Janissary Revolt Against The Ottoman Sultanate

The Janissaaries who were Bektashi Sufis (Shia-Sufi) sided with Prince Mustafa against his brother who would become Sultan Selim The Grim...However, due to Selim's mother's cunning, every plot to revolt and give Prince Mustafa his right as first born, it was put down because the Sultan had been brainwashed by his Russian wife "Roxalana" aka Hurrem Sultana.