Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wahabi Influence In Sunni Mosques

Here is an example of how Saudi Funded Wahabi ideology infiltrates Sunni Mosques and inspires groups like ISIS...

Iranian Shia Muslim converted to Saudi Wahabi Islam (The sect that inspires terrorism around the world)

So this convert to Saudi Sunni Wahabism commits terrorism by holding hostages, the rest of the Non-Wahabi Sunni community tries to either call him a Shia (which he is not anymore) or that he is not Sunni, because he is a Wahabi.   Well, true Sunnism is not Wahabism, however Wahabism is a Sunni Sect.  This can not be denied and has actually helped in the infiltration of Sunni Mosques by Wahabis.  Wahabi teachings have been spread around the world, especially in Sunni Mosques by $100 billion dollars in 20 years by the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia and it's wealthy Princes (estimated around 5000 Princes). 

If Wahabism is not labeled and identified, then we will keep having all this so called Islamic Terror that is actually Sunni Wahabi Terror.  Traditional Shias and Sunnis are victims of this Sunni Wahabi movement.