White Slavery - Iranian Georgians

Iranian Georgians (Georgianირანის ქართველები) are Iranian citizens who are ethnically Georgian, and are an ethnic group living in Iran. Today's Georgia was a subject to Iran from the 16th century till the early 19th century, starting with the Safavids in power.Shah Abbas I, his predecessors, and successors, relocated by force hundreds of thousands of Christian, and Jewish Georgiansas part of his programs to reduce the power of the Qizilbash, develop industrial economy, strengthen the military, and populate newly built towns in various places in Iran including the provinces of Isfahan and Mazandaran.[2] A certain amount consisting of nobles also migrated voluntarily over the centuries,[3] as well as some that moved as muhajirs in the 19th century to Iran, following the Russianconquest of the Caucasus.[4] The Georgian community of Fereydunshahr have retained their distinct Georgian identity until this day, while had to adopt aspects of Iranian culturesuch as Persian language, and Twelver ShiaIslam in order to survive in the society.[5][6][7]


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