Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Left's Ignorance of Islamism (Political Islam)

As an Iranian-American Secular Muslim who is loyal to the USA, I find it insane that Leftist's in America have made an alliance with Islamists in this country that do not want the good of America.  Watching people like Linda Sarsour hate Trump and America gives Secular Muslims 'goose bumps', because we have flash backs of Islamic States and Islamic Republics who's Hijabi and Bearded goons enforce Sharia Law.

As a former CAIR Executive Director for CAIR Columbus, I am alienated by CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, Sarsour and the rest of the 'Islamist-Lite' organizations in America who ally with the Marxists and Globalists of the left in America.  Day by day I find myself agreeing more with Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Ryan Mauro, Zuhdi Jasser, and other people who woke up before I did.

When I saw American Women wearing American Flag Hijabs in Washington DC and I saw LGBTQ people in Berlin yelling Allaho Akbar at Protests...I knew that there is something wrong with what is happening in America and the West.  We Secular and Moderate Muslims who escaped Islamism don't want this here.  We are 100% against it and do not support Anti-Americanism and Anti-POTUS politics.  President Trump is a good man that has been attacked from day one because he is trying to save America against the onslaught of the new Axis of Evil (GLOBALISM, MARXISM, ISLAMISM).

 I used to be a Centrist until the center moved right and the left moved center, replaced by the extreme left which hate America. Politics is not what it was years ago...we are living in a new era where if America and the West wants to survive as a civilization, it needs to fortify itself. Islamism especially is a very dangerous Political Ideology, not just a psycho-sect of Wahabism.

Political Islam turned Invading Mongols into Muslims building Mosques. Political Islam turned the Persian Empire into an Islamic State. Political Islam turned Eastern Rome aka Orthodox Christian Byzantium into an Islamic State. I suggest reading a book called "Prayers for the Assassin" which is a fictional book about the future of America which has been conquered by Islamists (Political Islam).

Islamism and Islam is not the same thing...one is a Political ideology and other a religion. However, Islamism can turn Muslims into part of this Islamist empire. When they take over, there is no longer a 'choice' between Liberal or Conservative. You are either a Muslim or a Jewish/Christian Dhimmi (tax paying servant) or an Infidel who's blood is halal to take (kill).

Friday, January 27, 2017

H1B Visa Fraud Coming to an End

Trump explains how Americans are going to take back thier 6 figure incomes! https://youtu.be/mgjLtzBrgh0

Linda Sarsour & The Islamo-Leftist Conquest of America

I am an Iranian-American with 99% Georgian (Eastern European - Caucasian DNA). I am wondering if Linda Sarsour and her band of Islamo-Leftists will repeat the history that turned us from Georgian Christians to Iranian Muslim slave soldiers? Jalal ad-Din's first encounter with the Kingdom of Georgia occurred in 1225, when his army inflicted a crushing defeat on the Georgians at Garni, bringing about the end of Georgia's medieval heyday. Next year, Jalal ad-Din marched on to Tbilisi, forcing Queen Rusudan of Georgia and her court into flight. The Georgian forces, left in defense of the capital, put up a fierce resistance, but Jalal's forces eventually broke into the city with the assistance of local Muslims. According to the Georgian source, Jalal had the dome of the Sioni Cathedral torn down and replaced it with a throne for himself. At his order the icons of Christ and Virgin Mary were carried out of the cathedral and placed at the bridge over the Mtkvari river in order to force the Christians to step on them. Those who refused to profane the icons and apostatize to Islam were beheaded.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakariyya Al-Razi: A Secular Muslim Scholar

Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyyā al-Rāzī (ابوبكر محمّد زکرياى رازى Abūbakr-e Mohammad-e Zakariyyā-ye Rāzī, also known by his Latinized name Rhazes or Rasis) (854 CE – 925 CE), was a Persian polymathphysicianalchemistphilosopher, and important figure in the history of medicine.
A comprehensive thinker, Razi made fundamental and enduring contributions to various fields, which he recorded in over 200 manuscripts, and is particularly remembered for numerous advances in medicine through his observations and discoveries. An early proponent of experimental medicine, he became a successful doctor, and served as chief physician of Baghdad and Rey hospitals. As a teacher of medicine, he attracted students of all backgrounds and interests and was said to be compassionate and devoted to the service of his patients, whether rich or poor.
According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911) he was among the first to use humoral theory to distinguish one contagious disease from another, and wrote a pioneering book about smallpox and measles providing clinical characterization of the diseases. He also discovered numerous compounds and chemicals including Alcoholkerosene, among others.[citation needed]
Through translation, his medical works and ideas became known among medieval European practitioners and profoundly influenced medical education in the Latin West.  Some volumes of his work Al-Mansuri, namely "On Surgery" and "A General Book on Therapy", became part of the medical curriculum in Western universities. Edward Granville Browne considers him as "probably the greatest and most original of all the Muslim physicians, and one of the most prolific as an author" and has been described as a doctor's doctor, the father of pediatrics, and a pioneer of ophthalmology.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Situation in Bahrain

"For insight into the tense situation, the Gulf News Journal talked with Bob Darvish, an advisory board member of the Muslim American Leadership Association and frequent participant in media reports on global politics.
“There's always going to be that kind of conflict,” Darvish said, citing tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, the interplay of many various Islamic sects in the region, and political forces. “It's a combination of different interests.”
Part of the problem, Darvish said, is a set of simmering regional conflicts built up over centuries. For example, Saudi interests overthrew a traditional ruling family in Yemen in the middle of the 20th century. Now, Yemen is involved in a boiling civil war, with Iranian and Saudi Arabian powers waging a proxy war against each other.
“We look away when Saudis oppress the Houthis in Yemen,” Darvish said.
Darvish described Saudi Arabia as “powder keg,” citing religious and political factions in the kingdom that he views as less than politically stable.
He said that in Bahrain's case, it is a small country stuck in the middle of a war between higher-level Islamic forces.
“They really don't want to be involved,” Darvish said.
As far America's role in the region, Darvish called it a “balancing act.”
“Ideally, Iran would be a free democracy,” Darvish said, suggesting that if Iranian-American relations improved through serious changes in Iran, the U.S. could push further away from Saudi Arabia and interests that have a lot of intersection with radical Wahhabi Islamic sects.
“My personal hope is that the Iranian government becomes more democratic,” Darvish said."


Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump, MALA, and Muslims

Listening to the Muslim community lately has been interesting because as an American Muslim I don't relate to Muslims who don't understand why Trump wants to put a "Temporary Ban" on the immigration of Muslims from Muslim nations.

If you are an American...Muslim or not, you should want to have Trump put a ban on immigration from hostile areas and people.  You should want him to close our borders to illegal immigration.  Instead, the leftists and Islamists in America have forgotten that not all Americans adhere to their insane ideologies.

Why would any sane American vote for people who want to bring more H1B Visa (scam) employees to America?  Why would Americans give up their form of government for a socialist, marxist or communist one?  Why would we throw away everything that has made us great both morally and economically and embrace leftist and Islamist visions of utopia?

As a proud member of MALA (Muslim American Leadership Association) and sitting on their Advisory Board...I can honestly say that I am glad to see such a new organization exists to help Loyal American Muslims such as myself have an outlet of communication.  Many people at MALA agree that we can't allow Radical/Political Islam (Wahabism) to take over America.  Such a thing would create danger for our well being not just as individuals, but also as Americans.  Our way of life is NOT compatible with Sharia Law or Political Islam.  Any American Muslim organization that believes that Sharia Law or Political Islam is good, does not represent us.  They are serving a foreign and enemy agenda.

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