The Left's Ignorance of Islamism (Political Islam)

As an Iranian-American Secular Muslim who is loyal to the USA, I find it insane that Leftist's in America have made an alliance with Islamists in this country that do not want the good of America.  Watching people like Linda Sarsour hate Trump and America gives Secular Muslims 'goose bumps', because we have flash backs of Islamic States and Islamic Republics who's Hijabi and Bearded goons enforce Sharia Law.

As a former CAIR Executive Director for CAIR Columbus, I am alienated by CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, Sarsour and the rest of the 'Islamist-Lite' organizations in America who ally with the Marxists and Globalists of the left in America.  Day by day I find myself agreeing more with Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Ryan Mauro, Zuhdi Jasser, and other people who woke up before I did.

When I saw American Women wearing American Flag Hijabs in Washington DC and I saw LGBTQ people in Berlin yelling Allaho Akbar at Protests...I knew that there is something wrong with what is happening in America and the West.  We Secular and Moderate Muslims who escaped Islamism don't want this here.  We are 100% against it and do not support Anti-Americanism and Anti-POTUS politics.  President Trump is a good man that has been attacked from day one because he is trying to save America against the onslaught of the new Axis of Evil (GLOBALISM, MARXISM, ISLAMISM).

 I used to be a Centrist until the center moved right and the left moved center, replaced by the extreme left which hate America. Politics is not what it was years ago...we are living in a new era where if America and the West wants to survive as a civilization, it needs to fortify itself. Islamism especially is a very dangerous Political Ideology, not just a psycho-sect of Wahabism.

Political Islam turned Invading Mongols into Muslims building Mosques. Political Islam turned the Persian Empire into an Islamic State. Political Islam turned Eastern Rome aka Orthodox Christian Byzantium into an Islamic State. I suggest reading a book called "Prayers for the Assassin" which is a fictional book about the future of America which has been conquered by Islamists (Political Islam).

Islamism and Islam is not the same is a Political ideology and other a religion. However, Islamism can turn Muslims into part of this Islamist empire. When they take over, there is no longer a 'choice' between Liberal or Conservative. You are either a Muslim or a Jewish/Christian Dhimmi (tax paying servant) or an Infidel who's blood is halal to take (kill).


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