Trump, MALA, and Muslims

Listening to the Muslim community lately has been interesting because as an American Muslim I don't relate to Muslims who don't understand why Trump wants to put a "Temporary Ban" on the immigration of Muslims from Muslim nations.

If you are an American...Muslim or not, you should want to have Trump put a ban on immigration from hostile areas and people.  You should want him to close our borders to illegal immigration.  Instead, the leftists and Islamists in America have forgotten that not all Americans adhere to their insane ideologies.

Why would any sane American vote for people who want to bring more H1B Visa (scam) employees to America?  Why would Americans give up their form of government for a socialist, marxist or communist one?  Why would we throw away everything that has made us great both morally and economically and embrace leftist and Islamist visions of utopia?

As a proud member of MALA (Muslim American Leadership Association) and sitting on their Advisory Board...I can honestly say that I am glad to see such a new organization exists to help Loyal American Muslims such as myself have an outlet of communication.  Many people at MALA agree that we can't allow Radical/Political Islam (Wahabism) to take over America.  Such a thing would create danger for our well being not just as individuals, but also as Americans.  Our way of life is NOT compatible with Sharia Law or Political Islam.  Any American Muslim organization that believes that Sharia Law or Political Islam is good, does not represent us.  They are serving a foreign and enemy agenda.


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