Can CAIR’s Jihad-Lite Comedy Crush so called Islamophobia? No...

No, here is why...Eventhough Dean Obeidallah, the Palestinian-American Lawyer-Comedian tries to appear very 'American', the real agenda behind his comedy is fully funded by groups like CAIR that feature him and others like him at various events in the country.  By 'making fun of' the people or groups that oppose CAIR's Islamist agenda in America...they are doing a form of Cultural or Civilization Jihad in a very stealthy sort of way.  Many American Muslim youth such as myself fall for it when we are younger, however as we grow up in this country and see that so much of what these organizations teach is nothing more than lies and fundamentalism, we change our minds.  I know I am not the only one, because there is a whole silent majority of us Secular and Moderate Muslims that oppose the Methods of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, and others that push forward this deceptive agenda.  One thing that is very telling about these organizations and individuals is that they care little or not at all about Muslim on Muslim hate and civil rights.  The best part is that many of them hire 'Token Shias' or 'Token Christians' to appear as if they are tolerant and pro-American.  However, if you take a deeper look at organizations like CAIR, you will notice that they are heavily influenced by Palestinian, Muslim Brotherhood, and Salafist agendas and are financed by such individuals as well.  We loyal Secular or Moderate American Muslims need to make sure we create new organizations and representation in order to be truly part of America.  Because CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and similar orgs and their Comedians and Speakers have Alienated people such as myself.  By the way, questioning Islam is not Islamophobia, however persecuting Non-Islamist Muslims is.


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