Cybersecurity and Outsourcing: An Oxymoron

During my 23 years experience working as a Sr. Business Analyst for various corporations, one thing struck me lately that should be on the mind of every CEO and CIO of every American corporation and government institution...The Outsourced Cybersecurity Professional.  Why would anybody that is serious about Cybersecurity hire a foreign national?  What kind of sense does that make?

The answer of course is that it does not make any sense, however it does make money sense.  I hear from many corporate managers that they 'can't get local help' when it comes to high level IT help.  Well, the reality is that we have literally hundreds of thousands of unemployed American IT professionals, however the IT recruiters will of course offer the half price foreign workers first.

That being the case, these managers need to know that they are creating massive security risks for their companies by hiring people with no loyalties to America or it's corcporations or government institutions.  This cheaper worker practice should be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for companies and hiring managers.  By default hiring people like this is a security breach to begin with.

H1B workers should never be hired for Risk, Cybersecurity or Identity and Access Management positions.  The US Government should be able to prosecute companies that do these 'human security' violations.  


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