Former Sunni Scholar: Worst Creatures in Islam

This is somebody I had the chance to talk to when he was Sunni.  He used to debate me about my Sufi-Shia faith, which is a Non-Political and Non-Sharia faith.  Because of his staunch Anti-Shia view based on his Sunni beliefs, he ended up unfriending me on Facebook.

However ,now he has fortunately left the Salafist or Sunni Fundamentalist sect and seems to have become Christian again, which is great.  I would rather see people stay Christians than become Salafists who hate America.

I hope he has a great life and that he feels better not having to deal with the insanity which is Fundamentalist Islam.  He makes great points in this video and I recommend watching it all the way to the end...he points out how Radical Islam makes you enemies not just with your own country, but also with your own family.


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