Islamist Slavery and Conquest vs. American Slavery and Conquest

I am curious, I am posing this question to my 'fellow Muslims' out there who think America was found on the 'broken backs of slavery and conquest'.  The Islamic world has been building it's empires on the broken backs of White and Black Slaves for 1400 years and it has been doing Jihad Conquests for 1400 years.  (I am proof of that, why else would a person who has 99% Georgian Christian DNA end up as a Muslim?)  What makes America great is that it is an experiment that was started by Freedom loving Christian Freemasons who used Freethinking to come up with the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Now, we have Lefist and Islamist Anti-Christian, Anti-Freemason, and Anti-American people coming out trying to say all the things that created this great country is bad.  I challenge anybody to show me one Sharia based Islamic Country that is better than America to live in?  It does not exist because it will never exist.  By default Sharia and other tyrannical systems will always fail.  America is special, it is exceptional, it is different because it is like no other country in history.  Some other things to remember is that the short period of slavery and conquest in America is only a fraction of what the Armies of Islam have done to the world.  The number of Jihads that have taken place in comparison to Crusades is something like a 1000 to 1!  Slavery and Conquest has not stopped among Muslims, ISIS and other Wahabist groups are doing it in our time as well. The Islamist alliance with the Left is part of this Slavery and Conquest.  Why do you think that America has to give in to immoral ideologies which Islamists hate, yet are allied to in order to destroy America? Why do Americans need to give in to Islamism, Sharia, and all it entails?  Why do we have to submit to your Arab Imperialism in the form of Islamism?


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