Job Prosperity for American IT Workers After H1B Reduction

The problem with H1B Visa Scams has become a regular topic of discussion in the media lately, because President Trump has mentioned it numerous times.  This is a problem which he understands well and seems to want to fix.  However, as he is trying to fix these real problems that our nation is having, we see people from the Globalist, Marxist, and Islamist groups trying to keep him busy with other trivial things and disinformation.

We need to make sure that this disinformation is put aside for real issues that President Trump can fix.  I read recently an article by an Indian writer about how 'America First' in regards to the H1B Reduction will make 'India First' etc.  The reality is we as Americans at this moment don't care, because we are being drained by the trio of Globalist, Marxist, and Islamist forces.  When we can't have our worker class get jobs, when we don't have industry, when we don't have services, when our IT workers are literally starving.  We really don't care about anybody but ourselves.  Yes, it may sound selfish, however the reality is that if Americans don't care about themselves, they will soon find themselves in a third world country and become how Asia and Africa was years ago.

What we need today is to put a stop to the H1B abuse and limit the number from 85,000 down to a few hundred for the top geniuses.  Currently we have people with 3-5 years experience who are no smarter than their American College Graduates...Let alone like Americans who have 20-30 years experience in the IT industry.  I myself have had over 23 years experience with the IT industry...ranging from Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management, Data Warehousing, to Cyber Security in the Financial Corporations since 2007.  Overall, I have never seen a more saturated work force with foreign H1B than I have today.  One of the fields that it is dangerous to have foreign contractors is in Risk Management and Cyber Security, however you will find that so many corporations are doing just that.  In reality, Cyber Security and Risk Management conducted by foreign contractors is an oxymoron.  There is nothing Secure and all is at Risk when you hire external employees from other countries to keep you secure!

The typical technique used by foreign companies is to hire a couple of American IT workers and Management to do all the hardcore work, then once the process has hit the BAU level, they bring in Contractors from big foreign corporations, offshore regular employees, and Managers who are foreign born.  This foreign trio basically takes over the process once they force the American employees to train their own foreign replacements.

At some point the USA needs to decide if they want to stay in power as a vibrant and powerful nation where it's people are the ones that are making money and being able to consume goods to make their country stronger.  Unfortunately with the influx of foreign workers,we see American Workers no longer driving the nice cars, buying the nice houses, dating they hot girls, having families, etc.  Instead the foreigners are doing that, which creates massive issues with our local population and community.  This is one of many reasons why people in the USA voted for Trump, because the Media, Hollywood, Globalists, Marxists, and Islamists are totally out of touch with the American heartland and majority of states.  Relying on a few coastal cities overpopulated with foreigners and transient immigrants does not make a Nation.

So, we American Workers are waiting to see when we get our six figure income jobs back, until then we will keep voting for Trump and people like Trump.  


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