Left and Right Misconceptions on Islam and Muslims

A friend wrote this rant recently and I thought I would share it's insight...

"One thing I see a lot, and know people like this too, and it's something I wish was different because I don't like it, is the extreme ignorance about "Islam". But it's usually displayed in 2 ways mainly, one, is the liberals think all religions are the same, and all religions are mostly bad, and Muslims are just oppressed brown people. Then you have the ignorant people that think all Muslims are crazed America hating terrorists that want to kill all non-Muslims and take over the world, these people are usually self-identified as Christian. This in my observation is how most all people that are not Muslim, see Islam. One of the 2. I think generally speaking most people are ignorant the world over... I suspect Muslims in a "muslim land" are also very ignorant about Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Christianity. But to my point, as an American, I wish people, non-Muslim, and Muslims too, were not so ignorant, and could reform and uplift the positive form of Islam, and people were more educated in the aspects of all religions. I've always thought a non-biased class of basics of world religion should be a mandatory class in high-school. I guess my point is, my wish is Islam could be freed from it's very negative image, where muslim lands were lands of freedom, pluralism, etc. I guess I want Islam to change and shed it's bad elements, which are very real, and I wish non-Muslims also could learn not all Muslims are bad, but also all religions are not the same, and the bad elements in Islam is true, and not just brown people being oppressed....."

--Tim Croft


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