Leftist Racism and the Alt-Left: Social Experiment

Interesting social experiment with Leftists...So on Facebook, I used my nick name "Bobby" (English) instead of given name "Babak" (Persian) to see how Leftists react to my Pro-Trump comments.  As a 'White Bobby' I was attacked for being White (Which I am, because that is what Georgian ethnicity is as well as Iranians).  Then I changed my name to Babak and noticed that the same kind of people who attacked me for being White and were racist against Whites...made Racist comments against my Persian name and said that 'With a name like yours, the Trump people would never accept you'.  Which is ironic, because I don't feel that Trump supporters are racist towards me (except for some less informed Evangelicals who think I am doing Taqiyah) and generally speaking I don't have any problems with Trump supporters, because I am one too.  However, what blows my mind is how the Left is so Racist against anybody that does not agree with them!


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