Our Military During the Left's Administration

As an avid reader and writer I noticed an article today about one of our Navy ships that was damaged on the coast of Japan and thought to myself...what did the Left do to our Military?  How can the world's only Superpower all of a sudden have aging ships that malfunction?  How many more of our equipment is not up to par?  This is exactly what President Trump was talking about, when he said 'We will make America great again".  We will take care of our Military, Borders, Jobs, etc.  We will not allow Globalists, Marxists and Islamists defeat us.  IMO Trump is our Winston Churchill.  He will probably be known as "Trump The Great of America" after his 8 year term is over.  You will not see a man of his calibur again for ages.  He is what Richard The Lionheart or King Arthur was for England.  I have been reading about Trump and reading his books since Business classes in Highschool.  This man is truly a Lion and Great would be an understatement.  Here is the article I was talking about...http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/01/politics/uss-antietam-damaged-japan/index.html


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