Sean Spicer Discussing The Protection Ban and President Trump Giving his Weekly Address

President Trump's Press Secretary is discussing the National Security Protection Ban from mostly Muslim countries and a lot more.  President Trump is the only President I know that refused to take a Salary for his job. This means he has sacrificed everything in order to serve and he is being attacked by all our Globalist, Marxist, and Islamist enemies.  If you are on the Left, know that you have made your bed with our enemies.  For those of you who attack him because of his faith or race, know that is racist.  Also, don't forget that this country was founded by White Male Christian Freemasons such as George Washington and crew.  Do you really think that our country would be so amazing if it was an Islamic State?  Communist State? or taken over by Globalist forces? would be an end to our country and freedoms.  For those of you who live in your parents basement, please move out and go into the job market and get a job...notice who you are competing with, who has all the money, and who has the nice cars and houses.  Please pay special attention to the nationality of the personalized license plates.  You may start seeing the big picture.  
President Trumps most recent message...


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