Sweden's Feminist Government Mingles with Islamism

So, the so called 'First Feminist Government' in the world...Sweden goes to Iran and all it's members wear Hijabs, Chadors, and Longcoats in deference to Iran's Islamic regime.  So, apparently these new feminists respect other tyrants who want to rule over others.  In Iran it's Patriarchal Hegemony, in Sweden it's Matriarchal, however both have oppressive systems in place against the other sex.  I don't think that was the coal of the original feminists when they came out with the idea.

This is just another example of how the Left is in bed with Globalists and Islamists and do not care about real Civil Rights or Freedoms.  I bet Linda Sarsour is on their top list of people to hang out with if they ever visited the USA.  The Islamo-Leftist Alliance could not be any more crystal clear than Sweden's visit to Iran.  


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